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Youth Activity Center Hours vary by location

Please check your locations kidZONE page to find your Centers Hours. 

Facility Rentals

Members and organizations can rent the entire fitness center during off-hours for a post-prom, safe graduation party, family reunion or company outing.

Junior Strength Training

Kid Zone

At KidZone, our fitness professionals offer fitness and wellness programs to kids of all ages in a comfortable, safe environment. Healthtrax has created four age-appropriate KidZone areas* for your children, all included in your family membership.

The following programs and activities in Zones 1-4 are included as part of the Healthtrax Family Membership.

Zone 1 - Ages 8 weeks to 6 years

Youth Activity Center: Bring your children to play with toys, read books, or color while you workout at the Center. Our friendly staff will make sure they are safe and happy.

Zone 2 - Ages 7-13 years

Healthtrax puts special emphasis on tweens because at this age kids are starting to establish lifelong health habits.

Kidz Tween Room (not available at all locations): The Kidz Room provides a quiet place for your tween to unwind, play games and get some homework done after school, with Wii games, homework stations, computers, board games, active games, and more.

Kidz Programs: The following classes are developed and lead by your Healthtrax team of fitness professionals. They are designed specifically for children ages 7-13, employing plenty of structure so that your child can derive a variety of health and wellness benefits in a fun, nurturing environment. These classes are 45 minutes in length (unless otherwise indicated) and are EXCLUSIVE to Healthtrax Members and are included in our ‘Family Membership Plan’.
* For the Young Ones (ages 2+)

Kidz Programs get your children active with water and land programs. These may include:

Boot Camp: We’re in the army now, fighting our way to a variety of health benefits. Children will be exploring all aspects of fitness - Cardiovascular strength and stamina, muscular strength and endurance (using their own body weight), flexibility and balance - through a variety of ‘basic training’ exercises and obstacle courses. ‘Be all that you can be!’ - growing healthier and more confident in this regiment that delivers results.

Circuit Breaker: This program is designed for tweens and will teach the importance of exercise at an early age. The workout is designed to work with your child’s body weight, use of small weights, bands and segments of cardio.

Fit Kidz: Run, jump, hop, skip, clap, sing, tumble, stretch and more… Our youngest members will enjoy a class that introduces them to fitness through creative play. Kids will have a ball as they work on motor skills, rhythm, strength, and socialization /sharing skills using a variety of fitness ‘toys’ such as the parachute, BOSU, balls, balloons, scarves, and more. Parents are encouraged to join in the fun to further encourage and motivate their child.

Kidz Cardio Dance: This easy to follow dance class for children ages 8-13 incorporates high and low impact dance moves for a great cardiovascular workout. The style of dance moves and choice of music varies by instructor.

Kidz Cycle: This cycling class is for children ages 8-13 and utilizes high-energy music and a motivating, non-competitive group environment to create a stronger, leaner body. No complicated moves and low impact pedaling allows anyone who can ride a bike to burn calories and have fun.

Kidz Kick: Tweens will really get a ‘kick’ out of this kickboxing class that delivers plenty of fitness and wellness benefits. Set to motivating music, the movements are designed to not only build muscular and cardiovascular strength, but confidence as well.

Kidz Sport: Get your game on in this class that offers sport specific skills, drills and fun fitness games. Explore the benefits of all your favorite sports, such as basketball, soccer, wiffle ball, football and more in this non-competitive atmosphere. Whether you want to improve your performance in your particular sport or simply want to de-stress and stay active, Kidz Sport is your chance to be an MVP.

Mini-Mind Body: A great introduction to Mind-Body movement. It’s hard to keep a tween still for great lengths of time. This active class combines simple cardiovascular movements, such as running, hopping, skipping and jumping with basic Mind-Body movements derived from yoga, Pilates, and Tai Chi in alternating segments in a playful environment. Kids will gain strength, improve their posture and body awareness while realizing the many benefits of Mind-Body exercise.

Moovin’ and Groovin’: Let’s put the ‘fun’ in funky in the energetic dance-fitness class. Through a fusion of dance styles including Latin, Hip-Hop, Jazz and more, kids will dance their way to healthier lifestyle moving to music from their favorite recording artists. Our instructors will share a variety of dance techniques that will inspire all tweens. Getting fit has never been so fun. No dance experience necessary.

Open Court: Make friends and get fit during our open court time. Under the supervision of Healthtrax staff, kids can utilize the court playing pick-up games, one-on-one or simply practice their skills while their folks enjoy the use of the rest of the club.

Ultimate Recess: Let’s hit the playground! Remember how ‘fit’ we were just by playing simple playground games? It’s time to revisit simplicity and stay fit by playing our favorite recess games - kickball, four square, volleyball, hopscotch and more. The weather won’t be a factor because it’s always sunny at Healthtrax.

Youth Yoga: A unique way to integrate mind, body, and spirit without force or competitiveness. Yoga develops muscle tone and improves physical condition while promoting flexibility. Whether you’re looking to help improve for a particular sport or you want to learn to focus and chill to bring down stress levels before a big test, this class will do it.

We even offer water classes:

J.A.W.S. (Junior Aquatic Workout Session): On your mark…get set…get WET! Through creative play, aquatic games and plenty of motivation, kids can derive the many benefits of exercise including increases in cardiovascular stamina, strength, balance and range of motion – all in a wet and wonderful environment. It is recommended that kids be comfortable in basic aquatic skills prior to attending.

Open Water: Kid, it’s time to drop your folks off at the gym and head for Open Water. This program allows ‘tweens’ a chance to utilize the pool under the supervision of our Healthtrax employees while mom and dad have the ability to use other areas of the club for their own workout. Swim, splish, splash, and have a blast.* (Children must pass a swim test prior to attending these sessions- please see the staff to schedule your test).

Zone 3 - Ages 14-15 years

Healthy Start: Healthy Start is our launch program that includes fitness assessments, trainer assisted workouts and instruction, personal evaluations, goal setting, and equipment instruction. Once the Healthy Start program is completed, your child will have full center privileges when accompanied by a parent.

Zone 4 - Ages 16-20 years

Your children ages 16-20 have regular fitness membership privileges and use of the Center.

* Programs and amenities are subject to change and may vary by Center. Please call, click or visit for a complete schedule, list of amenities, KidZone guidelines and Family Membership options.

Other Programs

Special kids programs are all included in membership. Ask about other special youth activities offered such as scouting badge fulfillment events, theme parties, story hour, sports camps and leagues, after school program, swim lessons, etc.