Corporate Wellness: HealthASSIST

Healthtrax is uniquely qualified to keep your employees and your company’s finances healthier

About Healthtrax and HealthASSIST

The Healthtrax HealthASSIST team is backed by more than thirty years of fitness and wellness experience and more than fifteen years of health and productivity program management. Since 1979, Healthtrax has been helping companies become physically and fiscally fit. Healthtrax manages eighteen Fitness & Wellness centers and has provided corporate fitness and wellness services to hundreds of companies throughout the United States.


With no end in sight to rising healthcare costs, you need to find a way to keep your employees—and your company’s finances—healthier. HealthASSIST has perfected a personal health planning and coaching approach for delivering wellness elements more efficiently and effectively. 

Our unmatched experience in designing integrated total health management systems allows us to set claims cost reduction targets significantly higher than “traditional” wellness program norms. Due to our operating efficiencies, we deliver this added value without added costs. 

HealthASSIST is your long-term partner in workplace wellness. Our tracking and reporting methodology passes the “CFO test” to show direct return on investment. This evidenced-based approach supports a sustainable health promotion strategy that evolves and improves over time. 

Unlike other companies that offer a workplace wellness option as just a part of their business, we are 100% focused on delivering quality, comprehensive and customized workplace wellness solutions. Regardless of which company may administer your health plan, with HealthASSIST you never lose continuity in your workplace wellness program.

Over the last decade and a half, HealthASSIST has delivered these essential benefits to our clients: 

  • Healthy return on investment: your HealthASSIST program is designed to gain savings in both hard and soft costs that far exceed your investment

  • Lower medical claims: medical claims costs are lower for employees who remain active, control stress and don’t smoke

  • Higher productivity: fit employees have better concentration, more stamina and less stress for better work performance

  • Less absenteeism: participants in HealthASSIST take fewer sick days

  • Better attraction and retention: offering HealthASSIST demonstrates your commitment to your employees’ well-being

Traditional and next-generation wellness solutions

We recognize that people and businesses get healthy in different ways, so our HealthASSIST workplace wellness solutions are tailored to your company’s culture, budgets, existing initiatives and readiness. In addition to offering traditional wellness approaches, we apply a next-generation model for delivering program elements more effectively and efficiently to better meet the unique needs of your employee population. 

Our next-generation approach to comprehensive workplace wellness is called Compass 360. It provides an intense focus on each employee’s health status and progress towards individualized goals. This highly effective, results-driven total population solution delivers sustainable ROI.

With our membership model, your employees will:   

  • Understand the linkage between lifestyle choices and their health insurance costs

  • Be more motivated by significant incentives that are reserved for employees who commit to meeting annual behavioral and healthy milestones

  • Receive superior proactive coaching from our specially trained personal health planners and coaches

In addition to serving Compass 360 members, HealthASSIST will serve as your program manager for a comprehensive menu of workplace wellness initiatives open to all employees—Compass 360 members and non-members—who share participation in these events and programs:

  • program management and coordination

  • health coaching

  • program launch campaign

  • health screening events with health coaching

  • health checks

  • employee online wellness portal

  • NCQA certified health assessment

  • onsite/online wellness workshops

  • lifestyle management programs

  • disease management programs

  • enterprise and individual reporting

  • reward and incentive management

  • newsletters and communications

Using a la carte participation as a feeder system, we assist you in gradually enrolling a higher percentage of employees in the more robust Compass 360 membership program. This process transforms your wellness program into a truly integrated total population health improvement management system, resulting in sustainable health care cost containment—for your employees and your company’s finances.

HealthASSIST and you: a healthy partnership
In addition to managing your suite of HealthASSIST core components and complementary programs, our staff will: 

  • Create a program launch that educates your employees and generates excitement

  • Provide your management with regular reports on participation levels and aggregate individual and corporate results

  • Present incentive programs and seasonal promotions to boost participation

  • Encourage your employees to take advantage of discounted Healthtrax Fitness & Wellness center memberships and pay-per-visit opportunities, too

  • Provide full communications and marketing support to increase employee participation, including brochures, payroll stuffers, posters, web portal, e-newsletters, direct mail and contests

  • Integrate your program components with the services offered by other Healthtrax divisions (Fitness & Wellness centers, Work-Fit injury management program) as appropriate

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