The Healthy Start Program at Healthtrax is your personalized introduction to your fitness & health experience.

This wellness program is designed to help maximize all the benefits included with your Healthtrax membership.

The Healthy Start Program consists of a series of appointments with a certified Personal Trainer who will guide you to the appropriate activities that match your interests, goals, and abilities. Taking advantage of this program will take you one step closer to reaching your fitness goals!

What can I expect at my first Healthy Start Appointment?

Time: Your first Healthy Start Appointment will take approximately 45-60 minutes
Attire: Please come dressed in sneakers and comfortable exercise clothing such as t-shirt, shorts, or sweatpants.
Health History Review: Your Personal Trainer will review your health status profile and discuss any pertinent medical conditions that will need to be considered when designing your personalized fitness program.
Establishing a Baseline: During this appointment, you will complete a series of comprehensive assessments including
a body composition analysis on the InBody570 - the most advanced body composition analyzer. This will establish a benchmark from which to measure your successes throughout your program. These assessments include blood pressure, body composition, strength, cardiovascular fitness and flexibility. We encourage you to participate in all aspects, but if you are uncomfortable with any, please let us know and we will alter your initial appointment accordingly.
The Workout: As part of this session, your Personal Trainer will also take you through a personal training session, which is a workout designed specifically for you based on the goals that you express.

What happens after my first Healthy Start Appointment?

The goal of your follow up appointment is to answer any questions you may have as a new member regarding the programs and amenities offered at Healthtrax. If you are looking for information on group exercise, the pool, or specific equipment, your Personal Trainer will go over any questions you have and make sure you are heading down the right path.

Examples include:
• Personal Training session demonstration
• Strength Training Circuit Orientation
• Group Exercise Classes Review
• Aquatics Center Tour
• Strength Training Introduction
• And more

What follows the second Healthy Start Appointment?

At this point, your Personal Trainer will have guided you down the path you need in order to maximize your membership and move closer to your fitness goals. The personal training staff is here to answer any of your fitness/equipment questions as well as provide personal training services. Be sure to consult with your Trainer or the Director of Fitness if you are interested in the personal and group training programs offered. Read more about our TraxTraining here.

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