Healthtrax Personal Training, Trax Training, services combine advanced fitness techniques with traditional fitness training, to provide optimal health and wellness for people of all ages and levels of fitness. Whether you are just starting an exercise program or looking for overall conditioning, weight management or sport-specific training, our certified personal trainers will design an integrated, personalized health and fitness program especially for you. Personal training services are available at CT, MA, NY, RI and NC gyms.

Consider a personal trainer for:

• Fitness assessment and evaluation (Healthy Start program)
• InBody570 body composition analysis
• Fundamental exercise instruction
• Advanced training
• One-on-one training
• Semi-private partner training
• Small group training
• Sports conditioning
• Injury rehabilitation • Youth Strength & Conditioning Program
• Specialty programs (corrective exercise, aquatic 1-on-1 training, active isolated stretching & more!)*

For more information on training or to schedule an introductory session, ask a member of our fitness staff or stop by the fitness desk today.

Small Group Training

Small Group Training at Healthtrax is a great way to have the attention and expertise of a personal trainer at an affordable rate. In a small group setting, you will stay motivated while you improve your health and work toward your fitness goals.

What is Small Group Training?

• Small group setting of 4–8 people
• Groups meet twice weekly for 6–8 weeks to ensure results
• Choose from a variety of programs that meet your fitness needs
• Can be personalized to meet your needs

Benefits of Small Group Training

• Fun and motivating atmosphere
• Maximized workout for better results
• Supportive team environment
• Quality fitness experience enjoyed with friends

Xpress Training

Get the results you want quickly with this fast and efficient workout! You can finish a complete strength-training work-out in less than 30 minutes with help from our fitness staff. You’ll see optimal results as you rotate through a complete circuit of fitness equipment, recording your repetitions and tracking your progress. And, it’s all part of your membership!

With Xpress Training, you’ll learn:

• How to achieve maximum results in pursuit of your personal health, strength and appearance goals
• Proper form for safe and efficient training
• How to select appropriate weights
• Which muscle groups are targeted by each exercise
*Training programs, pricing & amenities vary by location.

HYPE - Healthtrax Youth Performance Enhancement

Youth Strength & Conditioning Program for Kids Ages 8-16.

Certified Trax Trainers have designed this program to incorporate resistance training, agility drills and fitness education for growing bodies. HYPE helps young athletes train, compete, and reduce the likelihood of injury, while giving them the tools necessary to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle into their adult years.

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For more information on Training, or to schedule a session, contact us at the link below, call the Center or stop by the Front desk