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Matt Karimi

{Member} East Greenwich, RI

Trax Transformations

His story…

What were your workouts & Nutrition like before joining Healthtrax?

Before joining Healthtrax, I was not very concerned with eating healthy or staying fit.  I was someone who could easily convince myself of not to going to the gym and eating fast food.  I was always “almost in shape,” which was good enough for me back then.

What are your workouts like since joining Healthtrax?

Since joining Healthtrax, with the help of Mike Lenz my workouts have become more focused and consistent.  I train with Mike twice a week, with an extra cardio day on my own.  Since I have started this routine under Mike’s guidance, he has shown me how to push myself safely and effectively as we track our progress through a series of testing. Yes there are day’s that I don’t want to go, but boy am I happy after a difficult workout!

What specific results have you seen?

I’ve noticed improvements in my strength, balance, stamina and more importantly muscle definition. I’m lifting heavier with ease and concentrating on good form, with the extra cardio exercises, my stamina has improved allowing to work for longer periods. 

What surprised you about working with Mike?

Mike is the best trainer ever!  He is always positive and upbeat.  He’s has a good sense of humor (which sometimes backfires when I’m doing heavy reps and he says a funny joke that makes me laugh). Also, he knows how best to motivate and push me to do more. 

Would you recommend a friend?

I would recommend people to Healthtrax and working with Mike.  All the staff are friendly, and the facilities and equipment are clean and well kept. I see all the trainers supporting each other, It’s a great place to work out.