Our expert team is dedicated to providing members with a comfortable, clean place to be healthy, have fun and connect with friends and family. As a valued member of a Healthtrax Fitness & Wellness Center, you can expect a safe, clean facility with a variety of qualified programs that will help you get more out of life. At Healthtrax, service is the difference. We care about you and promise that our service is genuine. Think of us as your partners in a lifetime of health and wellness. We make it a priority to help you and your family achieve your health goals.


When you enroll, you will receive a membership key tag. For the safety and security of our members and their belongings, all members and guests must show their membership card to gain access to the club. Each time you arrive at the Center, swipe this key tag through the scanner at the Member Services Front Desk. This process ensures that only members are entering the Center. Lost or damaged cards should be reported and will be replaced for a modest fee.

Security cameras with recording capabilities may be in use at our facilities.


Your safety is our priority. Our trainers are professional fitness providers and are not qualified to give medical advice for any reason. Thus, we require that you seek outside advice from qualified medical authorities and obtain clearance from your physician prior to beginning any exercise program. As a member, it is your responsibility to seek the proper medical attention should you develop an injury or if your medical condition changes, and to inform the Center of any change in your health or medical status. Healthtrax reserves the right to restrict usage of facilities or require additional written medical approval to exercise from your physician if we believe that a member or guest may be in danger from excessive exercise or may not be adequately supporting their fitness routine nutritionally.


With the comfort and safety of all our members in mind, we ask that members and guests display the following courtesies to each other:

  • Healthtrax maintains a zero tolerance policy for unsportsmanlike, offensive, or inappropriate conduct, fighting, bullying or harassment of any kind. Members are expected to be courteous and respectful to other members, guests and staff at all times. Inappropriate, disrespectful, threatening or offensive behavior, interactions, emails or harassment on social media may result in the immediate termination of membership and facilities access.

  • Please call 24 hours in advance to cancel an appointment or reservation for courts, personal training, private classes, etc.

  • For the privacy and safety of all members, use of small electronic devices is not permitted inside the locker room at any time. Talking on a cell phone is only allowed in the front lobby area. Photographic or recording features may not be used anywhere inside the locker room. Many of our Centers have a courtesy phone in each locker room.

  • No photographic or recording features is allowed in the Center without permission.

  • The Center is a smoke-free environment.

  • Food is permitted only in the member lounge. Drinks need to be in a spill-proof, covered plastic container.

  • Please use restraint when applying perfume, cologne and powder that may be an irritant to others.

  • Children are permitted only in designated areas with parent supervision or within the kidZONE with staff during its hours of operation. (See more information at “Children and Youth” in this guide.)

  • To maintain a healthy environment for all members, please disinfect any equipment after using it with the sanitary wipes that are available in multiple locations on the fitness floor. We also recommend washing your hands thoroughly before and after working out.

  • Refrain from using equipment (particularly pool and whirlpool) if you have skin abrasions or a contagious skin condition.

  • Cardiovascular equipment is available to all members with a 30-minute usage maximum on any one machine.

  • Do not leave equipment in a way that may be hazardous for another person.

  • If you are performing more than one set on strength training equipment, please allow/invite other members to “work in” between your sets.

  • Please re-rack free weights after use.

  • Please do not use chalk on your hands when using weights or strength training equipment.

Thank you for your cooperation and consideration.




Photography and Video Recording is Prohibited

For the privacy and safety of all members, photography and video/audio recording is strictly prohibited in the Center.

If you wish to take photographs please contact the Center Manager for authorization.

Talking on a cell phone is only allowed in the front lobby area or member lounge.


Members and Guests provide consent and understand that Healthtrax will send them periodic text messages regarding updates, billing and promotions. Standard text message rates may apply. Max message per month = 10. Reply HELP at any time for HELP or OPT OUT and discontinue messages at any time be replying STOP.


To create a comfortable fitness environment for any level of exerciser, our dress code addresses both sanitary and member comfort issues. The appropriate attire will enhance your performance and safety. Our dress code is designed to be comfortable, non-intimidating and inclusive—for all members.

Appropriate attire, to be worn at all times when outside the locker rooms, includes: clean T-shirts, sweatshirts or tank tops with greater than 1″ straps; covered midriff; loose-fitting athletic shorts; warm-up suits; and athletic shoes. Not permitted: street clothes; thongs; tank tops with less than 1″ straps; shoes that leave marks on wood floors; and belts that can tear pads.

Appropriate swim attire is required while using the aquatics area. Cover-ups and shoes must be worn when walking between locker rooms and the aquatics area.

Closed-toed athletic footwear is required. However, you can choose to remove your shoes when participating in a Yoga, Pilates, or Barre Group Fitness class. Please do not wear your spin shoes anywhere outside of the spin studio, as they can be very damaging to flooring.


Hours of operation may be amended and certain facilities, services or programs may be added or eliminated from time-to-time, at Healthtrax's sole discretion. As a result of repair, maintenance, special occasions or events, holidays, Acts of God (such as a heavy snow storm), or for other reasons, Healthtrax may elect to restrict the use of or temporarily close its facilities or activities. There will be no reduction, suspension or reimbursement of Membership dues during such time nor extension of a Membership period as a result of any temporary closing.


Healthtrax locations will either modify hours or close on some holidays including but not limited to New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Signage will be posted in the Center as well as in the ‘Alerts’ section on the website detailing any changes to our hours. Healthtrax may also include holiday hours in the monthly member e-newsletters. Please register your email here:


Every possible effort will be made to keep the clubs open during normal operating hours in the event of poor weather conditions. Should modifications need to be made to our hours, notification will be posted on our website at Please keep in mind that on occasion inclement weather causes power outages and updating our website may not be possible. Therefore, please call the club prior to venturing out to a club during a bad storm to verify that it is open or the class you want to take is indeed happening.


Healthtrax regularly updates and improves our facilities. Wherever possible, these renovations and upgrades will be scheduled for when the club is closed but there may be times where some of the club may have to be closed. Signage will be posted in the club as well as on the Healthtrax website detailing any changes to our hours. Healthtrax may also send member emails and include details in the monthly member e-newsletters. Please register your email here:


Persons suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be permitted to enter or remain in the Center. The Center may cancel membership in its sole discretion for violations of this policy.

For the safety of all members and their guests, please observe all posted signs and use caution when exercising at the Center. Notify a staff member of any unsafe conditions or equipment. Please contact any staff member immediately for medical and emergency assistance.

All Centers are equipped with defibrillators. At least one emergency responder is on-site during all hours of operation. All members of the Center’s staff are CPR-certified.

Clearly marked emergency exits are located throughout the Center. Fire alarms are located on the walls and throughout the Center. First aid kits are located at the Member Services front desk.


Do you know someone who wants to try the Center?  Our guest privileges let you introduce the Center to friends, family and co-workers.

First-time guests over the age of 18 who live in the area may qualify for one complimentary guest pass a year, which includes a free workout and a tour of the Center. Print out a guest pass here or see a Membership Coordinator to register your friends for a complimentary guest pass.  Guests must pre-register at the Center to qualify for the complimentary guest pass.

Members may bring a friend or family member as a guest.  There is a Guest Fee for guests. Guests under16 must be accompanied by an adult member.  Guest fees may vary by location, contact your local Healthtrax for pricing and information.

The following rules apply:

  • You are responsible for the conduct of your guests while they are at the Center.

  • Guests will be asked to show a photo ID at each visit.

  • Additional fees are charged for special services, events, leagues, select classes and court time.

  • Guests are limited to one visit per month and six visits per year.

A Day Fee applies to those age16 and older who are not accompanied by a member or do not qualify for the Guest Fee. Day fees vary by location. Contact your local Healthtrax for rates and information.


Stay motivated by sampling our many fitness and wellness programs and amenities. Talk with our staff about modifying your routine if it becomes stale … try a class or new program just for the fun of it …bring your friends to exercise with you … ask a staff member to help you set goals and measure progress. The possibilities for a healthier, happier you are endless.

HEALTHY START PROGRAM: New Member Orientation Program

Your membership includes the Healthy Start Program for new members. This fitness launch program includes fitness assessments, trainer-assisted workouts, fitness instruction, personal evaluations, goal-setting and equipment instruction and the InBody570 - body composition analysis. Our Healthy Start will get you started on a balanced cross-training program of improved fitness and health.

Before you begin exercising, the staff will perform a fitness clearance, during which you will complete your health status profile. The clearance authorizes you to participate in Center activities and guides us in helping you create a fitness plan appropriate for your goals, interests and abilities. After your clearance, the fitness staff will teach you how to properly use the equipment and maximize your efforts for the best results.

If you answered “yes” to any question on the Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire, you must consult your physician before increasing your physical activity level.

Your ongoing results will depend on communication and personal commitment to your program. Let us know if you feel that you are not progressing, if you need help or guidance, or want advice on proper nutrition. At times, a little review or instruction on technique is all it takes to invigorate your routine and get you closer to your goals.


Whatever your goal, Healthtrax Personal Trainers can help you every step of the way. Our experienced trainers are caring and committed to focusing on your unique needs to help you meet your fitness goals. Personal training is right for you if you need motivation, want to work harder than you would on your own, need a professional jump start, have reached a plateau in your fitness level, want to lose weight, desire more diversity in your exercise routine, have a specific goal to reach, or are recovering from injury or have a health condition.

You can work with a trainer one-on-one, in pairs or with a small group. Sessions are offered on a fee-for-service basis, with package discounts available. We offer small group training for 4-6 members. Ask the Fitness Director for more information.

Personal training, services and fitness programs may only be performed through Healthtrax Training personnel. No members or guests shall conduct personal training in any form on the Center premises with other members or guests.

Package sessions can only be used at the location they are purchased at. We have a 24 hour cancellation policy. If you change or cancel an appointment with less than 24 hours notice, you will be charged for the appointment. In return, if a trainer cancels an appointment with less than 24 hours notice, the trainer must reschedule at another time and offer you a free session. In the event an appointment needs to be changed or cancelled within 24 hours, please notify your trainer directly via phone or email. Should you arrive late for a session, the trainer will provide as much of the session as possible within the scheduled appointment window. If you are more than 15 minutes late, the trainer may leave the premises.


The Center offers nutritional counseling* and weight management programs* and other services on a fee-for-service basis. Our certified staff will also design an exercise program to complement your weight management goals. Ask the Member Services staff for information.

*May not be available in all Healthtrax locations.


The Group Fitness program at Healthtrax allows members to diversify their workouts, gain strength, flexibility and cardio health and have fun all at the same time. No matter what your goals, there is a class for you! Group Fitness classes happen every day and include aqua classes, cardio, strength training, cycling, boxing, yoga, pilates, barre, and Zumba. The weekly Group Fitness schedule changes seasonally in accordance with previous member participation, instructor availability and member feedback. New schedules are posted in the club at least seven days in advance of any changes for member comment. Please make every effort to join Group Fitness classes on time and remain until the end of the cool down to avoid personal injury and disruption to your fellow members. Drink fluids before and after class, wear clean sneakers and proper attire. Most classes are included in your membership and others are offered at a special member rate. See class schedules by visiting your location's landing page; select your Center and click Classes & Programs.

Due to the number of bikes in the cycling class, advance reservation at the Member Services front desk is recommended. If you are late for class, your bike may be offered to a waiting member.

COURT SPORTS (Vary by location)

The multi-use courts are available for a variety of programs and activities, including basketball, racquetball and kids’ programs. Please check at the Member Services front desk for open-use times, kids court sports and league sign-ups (where applicable).

Appropriate eye wear is mandatory while playing racquetball.

Court sport players must wear non-marking athletic shoes to eliminate streaks and scuff marks on the wood floor. T-shirts are required at all times. A guardian must accompany children under the age of 14 unless they are participating in a Center-sponsored program.

No more than six players (3-on-3) may play half-court basketball or eight players (4-on-4) may play full-court basketball at one time.

You may reserve court time at your “home” Center up to four days in advance or at other Healthtrax  Centers (if you have a reciprocal membership) subject to a same-day reservation requirement. You may play one hour of reserved time per day (1½ hours per day for tennis doubles). Your membership only covers your portion of court time. You must provide the names of other members/guests playing on the court when registering.

Please be considerate of others and maintain good sportsmanship and conduct at all times.


Our aquatics programs include group and private lessons for adults and children, therapeutic classes, recreational activities and lap swimming. The pool is available for general use during Center hours, except when reserved for classes, lessons or birthday parties. The Member Services front desk can provide you with schedules and sign-ups. Or, see class schedules by visiting; click Locations, select your Center and click Classes & Programs. Lessons and classes may incur an additional fee. Certain memberships do not have, or may pay an additional fee for Aquatic Center privileges.

Amenities vary by location. If your Center is equipped with a whirlpool, steam room, sauna or therapy pool, please note that older adults, pregnant women, young children, individuals who take prescription medicine and individuals with elevated blood pressure, diabetes or heart disease should consult a physician before using these facilities.

To meet the varying comfort levels of our diverse membership, Healthtrax maintains the water temperature in the main pool at 83–85 degrees, which falls under the Arthritis Foundation guidelines, and the whirlpool at 102–104 degrees.

*Not available at our East Greenwich location.

When enjoying the aquatics center, please follow these safety guidelines:

  • Be aware that there is no lifeguard on duty in some Centers.

  • Please shower before entering the pool and whirlpool.

  • Appropriate swim attire is required while using the aquatics area.

  • There is no diving or jumping into the pool.

  • Children under the age of 14 (may vary by state; check with the Member Services staff) are not allowed in the aquatics center without a guardian and are prohibited from using the whirlpool, sauna or steam rooms.

  • Children who are not toilet-trained must wear swim diapers while in the pool.

  • Children under the age of 5 and all non-swimmers must be accompanied in the water by a parent or guardian, even if a flotation device is worn.

  • Any person having an infectious or communicable disease is prohibited from using the pool or whirlpool.

  • Running, throwing objects, boisterous or rough play or excessive noise is forbidden in the aquatics area, showers and dressing areas.

  • Therapy patients have priority use of the therapy/warm water pool. Some classes may be performed in the therapy/warm water pool. Rules vary by Center; check with Member Services for specific guidelines for your Center.

  • Do not swim alone.

  • Notify staff immediately of potential hazards.

  • Do not bring food, drinks or large flotation devices into the aquatics area.

  • The aquatics area closes 15 minutes prior to facility closing time.

Certain amenities and services may require additional charges, such as towels, babysitting, court fees, guest fees, leagues, specialty classes, tournaments, parties, lessons, etc. General equipment includes treadmills, stair climbers, stationary bikes and circuit machines and may vary by location.  Healthtrax reserves the right to make reasonable changes in equip­ment, facilities and services. Rules governing the operation of the Center, schedules of activities and hours of operation may also change.


Our locker rooms are equipped with showers, changing areas and bathroom facilities and offer personal care items such as hair dryers, shampoo, soap and lotion. Food and drink are not allowed in the locker room. Use caution on all wet and potentially slippery areas. Notify staff immediately if you observe a potentially hazardous or unsanitary situation.

The Center is not responsible for lost or missing articles. Please do not bring valuables to the Center, and always lock your locker. For your convenience, day-use lockers are available at no charge. We recommend that you use a lock to secure your personal items. Locks left on overnight will be removed and the lockers emptied so that other members can use them. A limited number of rental lockers are available for a fee and may be reserved at the Member Services front desk. Children under 16 are not permitted in the adult locker room if your Center has a family changing area. Children over the age of 3 of the opposite sex are not allowed in the locker room. 


Sports balls are available at the Member Services front desk. Specialty equipment is available for rent (such as racquetball racquets).


‘Healthtrax Rewards’ Powered by Perkville - a trusted partner of Healthtrax. Perkville will never share or use any Healthtrax Member information. Healthtrax Rewards Program is exclusively for Members of Healthtrax. Healthtrax Staff are not eligible to participate in the Healthtrax Rewards Program. Members must join Healthtrax Rewards in order to begin earning points. One Member per Healthtrax Rewards account. Members can only redeem rewards at the location at which they were earned. Perks vary by location. Points not valid for cash back (unless required by law). Must use in one visit. Does not cover tax or gratuity. Cannot be combined with other offers. Points earned may take up to 48 hours to be added to your account. Point values and Perks are based on availability and subject to change at any time. View more here


Reciprocal Privileges
Your home center is where you pay your dues.  You may use any non-home center. If you use a non-home center more than 50% of the time, Healthtrax may transfer your membership at that centers applicable rate. Certain memberships do not receive reciprocal privileges.

Membership Types

For 1 Person, age 16 and older.

Includes married couples or domestic partners living in the same household. (You may substitute one of your children under age 21 in the same household.) Children under age 16 and not on a membership pay the junior guest fee.

Includes married couples or domestic partners and your children under age 21, all living in the same household. Children under age 16 and not on a family membership pay the junior guest fee.



Our kidZONE inspires and motivates kids to lead active, healthy lives and develop positive fitness habits. The kidZONE combines exercise and fun—and even a little learning—to help your children develop healthy habits that can last a lifetime. At the kidZONE, our fitness professionals offer fitness and wellness programs to kids of all ages—from babies to teenagers—in a comfortable, safe environment. The kidZONE services being offered by Healthtrax are not licensed by the state in which they are provided.

We make every attempt to provide a safe, entertaining, age appropriate atmosphere so please refrain from allowing your child from bringing toys and objects from home.

Healthtrax has created four age-appropriate kidZONE areas for your children, all included in your family membership.* 

As your children grow, they will always find a place to be healthy at Healthtrax: 

  • 8 weeks – 6 years in our kidZONE 1

  • 7–13 in kidZone 2

  • 14–15 in our Healthy Start program (Zone 3)

  • 16–20 with full membership privileges (Zone 4)

Programs and amenities for children and youth vary by Center and are subject to change. Please call your Center for a complete listing of programs.

The following procedures apply to all children and youth:

  • Your child must follow all Center policies when using the facility.

  • Children under 16 are not allowed in the Center after 8:00 p.m., Monday–Thursday. Adult hours may vary by location and season. See Member Services staff for your Center’s specific adult hours.

  • Healthtrax reserves the right to revoke your child’s use of the facility if poor behavior is exhibited.

  • Children 14 & 15 years old must be accompanied on-site by a member 18 or older

  • Children 13 years old and younger are restricted to the kidZONE activities/classes or dedicated family swim and court times.

kidZONE (Zone 1: Ages 8 weeks – 6 years)

Healthtrax is dedicated to serving both family and individual members. We encourage parents and children to use the Center together and take full advantage of our unique family orientation. At the same time, our adult members deserve a comfortable, relaxing experience and should be assured that children will be safely and fully supervised while their parents exercise.

If your membership plan does not include access to child care, please purchase a child care pass at the Member Services front desk at each visit and present it at the kidZONE.

When in our care, your child’s safety is our primary concern; please follow our posted procedures when you leave your child.

  • Unless accompanied by a guardian or enrolled in a Center program or activity, children age 13 and under must stay in the kidZONE. To maintain safety for all, children are not allowed to remain in the Center’s common areas, nor should infants in carriers be brought to the fitness center floor while you exercise. The kidZONE is available for children (ages 8 weeks to 13 years old) for a small fee.

  • Reservations for younger children may be required in order for us to properly staff this specialized area. Children ages 8 weeks to 18 months may stay in the kidZONE 1 for up to 1½ hours per visit. Older children may stay for up to 2 hours per visit.

  • All parents must sign in at each visit to the kidZONE. Prior to your first visit, you must sign our waiver form for each child.

  • If you are scheduled for a fitness appointment or an exercise class, please arrive with enough time to check in your child. This will allow your child to adjust to his or her surroundings and make for a more pleasant stay.

  • Upon checking in, notify the staff of special needs, physical limitations or changes relevant to your child.

  • Follow the posted check-in procedure. If someone else is picking up your child, we will not release the child without your prior written consent and will require a photo ID from the pick-up person.

  • You must remain in the Center while your child is in our care.

  • There is a maximum capacity in the kidZONE to ensure the children’s safety. If the area is full, we may not be able to take your child. Reservations may be required and are recommended for infants and children with special needs.

  • To protect the health of our caregivers and other children, sick children are not allowed in the kidZONE. You may be asked to provide a doctor’s note explaining that your child’s ongoing symptoms are not contagious and present no threat to the health of other children or staff.

  • Caregivers are required to report sick children and incidents of inappropriate and disruptive behavior to Center management. The Executive Director reserves the right to exclude a child from the Center.

  • For health and safety reasons, eating and drinking are not allowed in the kidZONE.

  • For sanitary reasons, our caregivers will not change diapers or assist with toileting. If your child needs a change, you will be notified. A diapering station is located in the bathroom for your convenience.

  • Please do not bring toys from home. The Center provides age-appropriate toys.

  • In case of a fire alarm, the Center staff will report to the kidZONE to assist in evacuation procedures. Parents are required to meet their children outside the building immediately. Do not leave the parking lot with your child without first signing your child out with a Center manager.

kidZONE (Zone 2: Ages 7–13) (where available)

Healthtrax puts a special emphasis on tweens—kids between the ages of 7 and 13—because kids at this age are starting to establish lifelong habits. A tween who has fun being active and sees the benefit of making healthy choices is much more likely to become an active, healthy adult. 

At kidZONE, your tweens will enjoy age-appropriate supervised activities: kids programming, fitness classes, open gym time and our activity room with Wii gaming consoles such as Wii Fit, air hockey, pop-a-shot and other interactive games. 

Your kids can also participate in organized athletic programs, such as basketball, soccer, softball and dodge-ball.

  • Some classes may require pre-registration. Please consult your program director for more information.

  • You must drop off and pick up your child for all classes.

  • When under the supervision of Healthtrax staff, children must remain in the area in which the class is being held.

  • You must accompany your child during dedicated family swim and court time.

  • For safety reasons, children under 14 are not permitted to use the fitness equipment.

Healthy Start (Zone 3: Ages 14–15)

Healthy Start is our fitness launch program that prepares your teenager to have full use of Center facilities. Healthy Start includes fitness assessments, trainer-assisted workouts, fitness instruction, personal evaluations, goal setting and equipment instruction.

Upon completion of Healthy Start, your child will have full Center privileges when accompanied by a parent.

  • Children ages 14–15 may attend adult group fitness classes only when accompanied by a parent.

  • Zone 4: Ages 16-20 have regular membership privileges when added to a family membership

Additional Youth Programming
We offer a range of organized activities for kids, including Kids fitness programs, summer and school holiday programs, birthday parties, swim lessons and more. Please check with Member Services or at front desk for a complete listing and description of our youth programs.

Healthtrax Birthday Party Waiver – complete this form and fax or bring to the Center.

Healthtrax services (including class, service and center schedules), equipment, facilities, additional policies and procedures are subject to change. Notification of changes will be conveyed in the monthly member e-newsletter and this online member guidebook.


You may prepay your membership or pay each month by electronic funds transfer (EFT) from your checking or savings account (EasyPay) or credit or debit card—you choose what’s most convenient.  Monthly dues will be charged to your account on the 1st of the month or after.

If you pay your dues monthly through EFT, your membership will not expire upon your anniversary date. Payment will continue to be transferred each month.

Your dues are subject to change at the end of your initial term without notice, upon your children reaching a new age bracket, or if a corporate/insurer subsidy arrangement changes. There may also be a monthly membership dues increase once per calendar year (January or later) by up to $2 for each member on your membership, regardless of when you join and to increase without notice, your rate at the end of your initial term to the Center's then-current rate. If you have a discounted membership through your employer or insurance, the same discount will be applied to the annual dues increase.

If you prepay your membership, you can renew by prepayment or by switching to EFT upon your expiration date. As long as your membership does not lapse for longer than a 15-day period, you will not be required to pay enrollment fees again.

Your monthly dues may be payroll-deducted, if your employer is a Healthtrax corporate client and offers that option.


Healthtrax is committed to ongoing main­tenance, upkeep and facility improvements. I authorize Healthtrax to collect a FEF at the then prevailing rate (currently $35) from the same account as my monthly dues. This rate may be increased one time per year by not more than $5 at any time during the year regardless of when you join, without notice. Monthly members joining Jan–June shall be billed each September or later, and monthly members joining July–Dec shall be billed each March or later. Annual Pay members will pay for this fee at time of joining and at each renewal. Note: The annual enhancement fee does not apply to Bethel Park, PA.


Please visit the Member Services staff in person to make any changes to your membership, including upgrading your plan, adding your employer as a corporate member, adding or removing family members, or renewing or canceling your membership. Please also notify us of changes of name, address, email or phone. A $50 fee will be charged for all membership plan downgrades.

If you change or transfer a membership agreement, it is not considered a new membership agreement; therefore, the liability waiver will apply, and the first paragraph of Buyer’s Right to Cancel will not apply.

Click here for more information on membership.


Healthtrax is so confident you will find a wide variety of programming and the latest in fitness equipment, amenities and more to help you get more out of life that we extend an exclusive 30-day money-back guarantee. If you join on your first visit, you may cancel your membership for any reason during the first 30 days (including the day you join) as long as you complete the Healthy Start One. You must complete a cancellation form at the Center. All membership dues will be fully refunded (excluding short-term membership program fees, a $50 administration fee after the first three days, and non-returnable products or services purchased).

Upon completion of your initial term of membership, you may cancel your membership by completing and signing a cancellation form at any Healthtrax Center or by written notice delivered by certified or registered United States mail to the Membership Administrator at your Center. At that time, you will be asked to relinquish your swipe key tag, and a temporary membership card will be issued. You will be billed for the balance of the month in which you cancel. Any member who does not pay last months dues in advance will be billed for the balance of the month in which you cancel and the following month. If you paid Last Months Dues when you joined it will be applied to your account. Your membership privileges continue to the last day of the following month.

You are liable for the time incurred prior to the cancellation and/or eventual return to the Center. No portion of the registration or enrollment fee will be refunded except as required by law. Regulations on cancellation vary by state. Please refer to your membership agreement for more details.

Management reserves the right to cancel a membership at any time. Repeated breaking of member policies is considered grounds for membership termination by management.  Healthtrax maintains a zero tolerance policy for unsportsmanlike conduct, fighting, bullying or harassment of any kind.


A medical freeze of your membership may be granted for a minimum of one month. A medical freeze is considered an inactive status; therefore, you may not use the Center during this time.

When requesting a medical freeze, you must notify the Center in writing at least 30 days in advance of the freeze start date. You must have a zero account balance to qualify. A membership freeze can only be granted prospectively, not retroactively.

To arrange a membership freeze, complete the change forms in person at the Center. Written notification from your physician stating the exact date of your incapacitation, the medical cause for the requested freeze and projected recovery date is required. A written release by your physician is required before you may return to exercise.

If you terminate your membership during your medical freeze, you will be required to pay a new enrollment fee upon re-joining the Center.


You may freeze all members on your membership for any reason for up to three months per year in increments of not less than one month. A membership freeze can only be granted prospectively, not retroactively.  You must complete a freeze form at the Center before the beginning of the month in which your freeze begins. Your membership will restart on the earlier of three months or the restart date designated by you, and your anniversary date will be extended by the number of months of your freeze. Prepaid members must pay all freeze fees in advance.  A membership freeze is considered an inactive status; therefore, you may not use the Center during this time.Please refer to your membership agreement for freeze policy.

A membership freeze can only be granted prospectively, not retroactively. Certain memberships do not receive freeze privileges.

Questions about cancellations can be answered by a Membership Advisor or the General Manager.


Healthtrax maintains a strict policy regarding personal financial information. Healthtrax will never solicit personal financial information via phone or email. Healthtrax will send reminders or alerts via mail or email but will never solicit financial information like bank account or credit card information. Personal financial information may only be updated in person at our Centers.



Celebrate a special occasion like a post-prom, safe graduation party, family reunion, company outing or raise money for a worthy cause with a Healthtrax Special Event. Choose from our group fitness classes or small group training options, reserve your date and time, and invite your friends to join you in a memorable celebration or fundraiser that they won’t forget. For more information, speak to the General Manager or Membership Director in your club.

  • Outside organizations and members can rent the entire Center during off-hours for a post-prom, safe graduation party, family reunion, company outing or other event.

  • On a smaller scale, our party planner can coordinate your child’s next birthday party, team event or badge requirement for Boy or Girl Scouts.

  • Our meeting rooms, equipped with audio/visual equipment and white boards, are available for businesses or civic groups.


We invite your questions and feedback. Please share your positive comments and constructive criticism to ensure that we are meeting your expectations. We encourage you to first talk to a staff member or the Manager. You may also complete a “To the Manager” card and leave it in the suggestion box. To provide feedback online, please click here


Healthtrax provides corporate membership programs at many leading companies. These programs offer discounted rates and special benefits. To find out more about our corporate memberships, please call (800) 505-5000 and ask for the Center Director.


The Center is not responsible for lost or stolen items , including but not limited to any property left on the premises or in a locker. However, if valuables are found, we will temporarily store them by the Member Services front desk. Unclaimed items will be donated to charity.

IHRSA Standards of Quality and Reciprocal Club Program

Healthtrax is a member of the International Health, Racquet, and Sports Club Association (IHRSA), the industry’s leading non-profit trade organization. We are proud to conform to, and in many areas surpass, IHRSA’s standards of quality.

As a Healthtrax member, you are eligible to use other Healthtrax Centers when traveling. Usage fees vary by location. See Healthtrax locations by clicking here In addition, Healthtrax members are invited to participate in the IHRSA Passport Program when traveling.  The IHRSA Passport Program gives members of participating health clubs access to a worldwide network of health clubs when traveling.  Click here to learn more.

If you have additional questions about Member Services, contact your Center Manager by visiting Click Locations, select your Center and click on the Director’s name.

All information in this Member Services Guide is current as of 4/18/2018. Guidelines and regulations are subject to change and may vary by location. Additional Center-specific policies may apply.