Before photo June 21, 2016 / After photo January 17, 2019

Before photo June 21, 2016 / After photo January 17, 2019


Alianna Kendig

{Member} Warwick, RI

Trax Transformations

Her story…

About 2 years ago I had let myself completely go. I did not take care of my heath, I was eating anything that came to mind, going out, did all the things I should not do to be healthy. It was at one point when someone took a picture of me and I saw how horrible I had looked. I immediately wasn’t happy with how I felt, the way I looked, lacked self-confidence and much more. I wanted to change. My weight was up and down but I was never able to get it close to what I wanted it to be. I went to the gym everyday but grew bored of it because I only did the same thing over and over. I never switched it up creating the loss of results that I wanted.

I decided to ask for help at this point. I have always thought about getting a personal trainer but never took the first step to doing so. I didn’t know what it would be like, how the experience would be, always thought to myself ‘can I even do the workouts they come up with?’. After putting aside all my questions I took the jump and asked for a personal trainer. My dad Gary set me up with Austin knowing that he had seen great results coming from his clients and knew he would be the right fit for me.

My dad was absolutely right! Austin made every experience with having a personal trainer amazing. He pushes me, helps me learn and grow, and is extremely supportive. Austin has completely changed the way I think about food, working out and my health for the good and has helped me become passionate every day to meet my goals and to stick with them! Looking back to how I used to look and be and seeing how I am now, I couldn’t be any happier.