Chrissi B.

{Member}East Greenwich, RI

Trax Transformations

My story:

I’ve always been active, but over the last couple of years I had been working out less and less because of my work schedule. I also thought I was eating healthy but after looking at my diet and making some small changes, I have since noticed a big difference in my energy and results.

I really enjoyed working with Mike, and I was surprised at how quickly I saw results with his workouts. The process was simple, we discussed what type of results I wanted, and he created a program just for me and it worked!

My workouts are much more organized, and results driven. Having the monthly weigh ins with all the different measurable data points was a huge motivator for me, this really helped me to stick to my goals.

I lost over 11 pounds in 5 months; my BMI went down 2 points. My body fat went from 33.8% to 27% as well as increasing my muscle mass. My waist is more defined, I feel stronger and have a lot more energy. My clothes fit much better and overall, I feel fantastic. I would highly recommend Healthtrax and the Personal Trainers to anyone who is looking for help.