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Deborah G.

{Member}Enfield, Connecticut

Trax Transformations

Combining Trax Training and Tribe Team Training 

October to April

Lost 29.8 Lbs.

Lost 4.8% Body Fat

Gained 2 Lbs of muscle

 My Story: I’m 66 years young and up until now had never really exercised with any consistency, my eating habits were hit or miss and my commitment to my own body health was not ever kept. After my husband made his transition I realized that if I wanted to be healthy and fit I needed to change my perception on how I looked at my physical body health. I had joined gyms many many times before but never went more than a handful of times. Last November I realized that I was eligible for “Silver Sneakers” and so I joined Healthtrax and was given 2 free visits with a trainer. What a gift. My first visit we tested my balance and I could hardly walk without tipping over. It was a wake up call.

Now thanks to my trainer Sandi,, I went from ‘losing’ weight to shifting my thoughts to building healthy and clean eating habits (and I’ve released over 30 pounds), building overall strength, keeping my commitment to my Tribe (best thing ever) and creating an overall lifestyle of health and well-being. I am now on a path of abundance in all areas of my life and it started with that first free visit at Healthtrax. THANK YOU!