Ellen Thum

{Member}Raleigh, North Carolina

Trax Transformation Testimonial

I have been training with Heather Lindgren for 3 years and attending Group Fitness classes with Karen Blazeff, Allison Dehner, Catherine Woodard, Becca Marino and several other Group Fitness Instructors. I have always exercised but I originally had goals of gaining more strength. Two years ago I knew I would need a Total Knee Replacement (TKR) due to bone joint damage and significant deformity. Training to strengthen all of the muscles that support my knee was my main goal. Heather researched and set up a plan to achieve those goals.

Oct 2016 I had a TRK and at 2 weeks post-op I was back at Healthtrax doing upper body training and by 8 weeks I was training lower body as well. I am well on the road to complete recovery and hope to be at presurgery training levels soon.

I work with a trainer and more specifically Heather because she is very knowledgeable in her field and is very careful to be sure proper form is used at all time. She always has modifications to accomplish the same goals for my body type. Most importantly, Heather LOVES what she does and it is evident because she does it with excellence.

I plan to continue progressing and weight training and be the best I can be in that area of my life. I want to stay active and strong well into my senior years and Heather and Healthtrax are helping me achieve those goals. I come to Healthtrax 6 days a week for weight and cardio training and the fitness classes and small group training they offer has really helped me achieve my goals. I participate in small group, personal training and fitness classes regularly and am very, very satisfied with my progress.