Frank W.

{Member}Glastonbury, CT

Trax Transformations

What were your initial goals?

To significantly increase my agility, strength, balance, flexibility and cardio fitness.

What have you accomplished so far?

I have lowered my resting heart rate to 56 bpm and below. My strength has improved markedly, I can bench press more weight at more reps than I could 40 years ago. Agility and balance which had diminished dangerously due multiple knee surgeries and illnesses has been restored.

Why do you choose to work with a trainer?

 I knew that I needed the advice and guidance of an experienced and knowledgeable trainer to be able to meet my initial goals. Making steady, continual and equal progress in strength, cardio, agility, balance and flexibility is extremely challenging under any circumstances and especially so in middle age. I was and am highly motivated but without the help of a top notch trainer I risked wasting precious time and energy on the wrong exercise strategies.

How has Healthtrax played a role in your transformation? Healthtrax has provided my wife and I with an extraordinary trainer, Jennifer Freeman, as well a spacious and well maintained facility within which to train.