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Trax Transformations

My story:

Two years ago, I was 69 years old, overweight and out of shape - a dysthymic, type 2 diabetic, cancer survivor with low energy and a significant lower back problem.  I was unable to walk more than a block or two without stopping to catch my breath and stretch my lower back. Even though I was going to the gym several times a week and exercising with weights, Nautilus type machines, exercise bike, etc. I was making very little progress. It was disheartening. My wife had been exercising and working with a personal trainer and was experiencing significant results. She suggested I meet with her trainer for a consultation. And so, I did.

Enter Eva Thompson. Our first meeting was a face to face consultation. I was impressed by Eva’s knowledge, thoroughness, genuineness, care, concern and optimism. I signed up to start training with Eva for a 30-minute session, twice a week for six months, subject to getting approval from my primary care physician.

In the beginning it was very difficult. I knew I was out of shape but was really surprised to learn how poor my balance had become. Simple lunges were almost impossible! Push-ups, planks, squats, BOSU - all were difficult. Progress came slowly. Under Eva’s patient yet persistent guidance I was learning how to properly do the exercises.  My technique and form began to improve. But it was hard! At the end of each session I was really worn out - sometimes exhausted! With Eva’s encouragement though I made it through the first six months. She then counseled that I was ready for one-hour sessions, twice a week. I didn’t think so, but I had come to trust Eva implicitly and so I signed up again.

When Eva moved to Healthtrax seven months ago, after some soul-searching, I followed. Even though I liked the previous gym and had friends there, it was very important to me to continue with Eva. Healthtrax has turned out to be even better than the previous gym. I continue to train with Eva twice a week and also exercise on my own on other days. The results are significant and I am very grateful to have Eva in my life. I am much stronger, have more energy, have lost weight, my lower back no longer hurts, I can walk literally miles without stopping to rest, and my outlook on life is much improved. I can now play with and keep up with the grandchildren (almost). My adult children are amazed and think Eva is a miracle worker. I do too!