Jerry B.

{Member}Glastonbury, Connecticut

Trax Transformations

What were your initial goals? My initial goal was to simply get in better shape than I was. I was ok with cardio by using a home elliptical machine and treadmill but did not do anything for strength and muscle tone. I was also inconsistent. So I set out to make a lifestyle change and get serious about getting into shape.

What have you accomplished so far? I joined in November 2017 and immediately started training with Tina. I’ve had a history of shoulder issues with dislocation and rotator cuff weakness and Tina has been excellent with strengthening my shoulders. We train for an hour once a week and I train on my own 2 or 3 more times weekly. I had an InBody analysis done in the first week of joining. 8 months later a new analysis has shown results. I lost 15lbs of body fat mass and gained 4lbs of muscle. My percent body was is cut in half to 10%. I haven’t worked out like this since college, 25 years ago. I feel strong, healthy and in the best shape in a long time. I recently helped my 25 year old son move to a 3 story walk up and I was pleased that I kept up with him and his friends lugging furniture and stuff up the stairs. In fact they commented that I was in better shape than them. I don’t think I could have done it 9 months ago.

Why do you choose to work with a trainer? For me, discipline and form, plain and simple. I started training with Tina within a week of joining and have not missed a training session. I need the push to keep me going. I look forward to her call to confirm our training session and her expert advice on form and variety of exercises. She works me hard and I love the challenge especially every time she tells me I had a personal best with a specific exercises. Now that’s encouragement!

How has Healthtrax played a role in your transformation? It’s been a long time since I belonged to a gm and didn’t know if I would fit in. I tried a bare-bones gym in the area for a short time and was just not comfortable so I stopped going. On a whim I stopped by Healthtrax and met with Charlie. He showed me around, introduced me to members working out and connected me with Tina after telling him about my shoulder issues. The staff and members are very welcoming, there are a lot of options as far as equipment and classes and it is a very comfortable place.