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Jim Shea

Trax Transformations

My personal Coach Heather gave me this analogy regarding my physical body last December 2017; “Your brain has been guiding your body in the same broken path for years, so we need to teach it to walk a new path”. This was her Jedi way of expressing that my hips have been compensating for years from a lower back injury. Two operations in five years left me unable to do all the activities that I enjoyed …Golf, Paddle, working in the garden and taking long walks with my wife. Years of physical therapy and chiropractic care, cortisone shots still left me with the same result…not enough play time! I needed something different…and Heather’s trainer knowledge (What? You want me to walk laps in the pool, instead of swimming?), her variety of methods via the TRX and ViPR has provided a new muscle pathway for my body…and it finally feels to be the RIGHT pathway!

I am currently able to perform exercises that I would not have been able to do one year ago. My core is so much stronger now that my lower back feels like it is finally getting the support it needs. The previously nagging sciatica pain is significantly better and I can finally play golf again!! I can spend thirty minutes on the treadmill and not have to limp home…this is a BIG improvement! Don’t get me wrong…I still have minor setbacks, but I bounce back so much quicker! My previous progress week to week was subtle, but since I started training with the TRX & ViPR my progress has been significant. I am so much more hopeful about my physical future now, because I am finally on the right path! It just took a Coach to help me find it! Thank you Heather!