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Louise LaPlant

{Member}Raleigh, North Carolina

Trax Transformations

My Story: My job in retirement is to maintain my health. Exercise is a part of that goal.

At Healthtrax I have improved my flexibility in Move30 on Wednesday mornings with Andjie, Cindy and Allison. I can sit down and stand up with less knee pain than when I started the class months ago. I also use the techniques of squatting and lunging in my everyday life, like taking my potted plants indoors for the winter. Squatting down to pick up the plants, carrying them into the house, squatting again to place them on the floor for their winter home.

All of my training helped when I needed to use a walker after breaking my left leg in September 2017. My upper body strength helped in being mobile on a walker just a day after surgery. And core strength helped in my physical and occupational therapy. I was back at Healthtrax Raleigh just 3 months after my break. And the exercise routines have been good therapy to improve my muscle tone.

I also do Aqua Fitness classes 3 times a week and circuit training at least once a week. Participating in classes helps by using every muscle, which will keep me active for as long as possible.

Healthtrax is my community – I enjoy talking to classmates and remembering people names is a brain exercise I am using to help keep me sharp.