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Lynn Lowry

{Member}Raleigh, North Carolina

Trax Transformations

My Story: I joined Healthtrax in Raleigh, North Carolina about 10 months ago and my lifestyle has completely changed. I had joined weight watchers about four months earlier and while we were encouraged to have physical activity it took me months to join Healthtrax because I was self conscious about being obese. Although I worked out with a trainer a few times the idea of taking classes appealed to me more. Not only were the classes included in my membership fee I also felt that I would be more likely to get more of a total work out due to the variety.

Although I am 72 years old and had little physical activity in the last several years before I joined, I felt that I could handle classes beyond Fit For Life and Gentle Yoga. I began taking group Group Power and Group Centergy. I love using my muscles in Group Power and the Yoga and Pilates moves in Group Centergy. I have continually added to the Group Fitness classes that I take and I love the fact that I have a total fitness plan with them. I have strength training with power, and Group Core; both cardio and strength with group Blast, R30 and group fight, cardio in Group Groove and gentle movements incorporating balance, flexibility and my core in Group Centergy. The fitness instructors that teach the group classes are all great! They all know their routines well and are very encouraging! Most call me out by name which makes me feel as if I matter! One of the things that I like about group classes is that I have gotten to know other members and look forward to seeing them. Going to classes at Healthtrax and being physically fit are now priorities in my life!

What were the problems you were experiencing before you started your journey?

I was obese, had little muscle tone, my balance wasn’t good and I was not very flexible.

Have you tried any other solutions previously?

I walked for about six months a few years ago and then quit. I bought a set of hand weights and didn’t use them at all. About 10 years ago I joined another gym but only went five times.

What led you to Healthtrax?

I noticed Healthtrax when I went to physical therapy next door. I checked out Healthtrax when I decided to begin working out. The fact that Healthtrax is more of a fitness center than a gym appealed to me. The facility is very clean, well laid out and the staff is very friendly.

What is your favorite thing about Healthtrax?

My favorite thing about Healthtrax is that there are so many group classes and great fitness instructors! What is your favorite moment/experience during your time at Healthtrax? One of my goals of strength training was that I wanted to tone my body and have muscle definition in my arms and shoulders. After a recent power class my instructor told me “Your arms look great!”

What are some of the benefits you have received?

I have lost 50 pounds, become more flexible, improve my balance and have a strong and toned body! With summer coming I can’t wait to show off the muscle definition in my arms and shoulders.