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Marilyn A. Folcik 

{Member}Bristol, CT

Trax Transformations

Trainer name: Sly Manente (twice a week)

Date you started your fitness journey?

June 2017

I came to Healthtrax almost one year ago because I retired and was getting too sedentary and gaining weight. I figured if I was involved in a program then I would be more apt to stick with it and it would get me out of the house. During my initial tour of the facility, I was impressed with the friendliness of the staff and the cleanliness of the facility. I knew that Healthtrax offered a lot of programs, but I knew that I would have a hard time sticking with any of them unless I had someone to whom I was accountable. I started using Personal Training with Sly and I am so glad I did. He has kept me going for almost a year now and I am still making progress. He is cognizant of the “maladies” that can affect a person of my age and expertly works around them and creates regimens that enable me to gain strength and meet my other goals of weight loss and increased endurance while making sure that I am not harming myself in the process. I am doing things that I never thought I could and have gained strength and confidence. People sometimes have a hard time believing that I am as old as I am. I hope to continue my journey at Healthtrax and keep on making progress, increasing my strength, endurance and confidence.

What were the problems you were experiencing before you started your journey?

I had retired from Nursing—a very active career-- and had become very sedentary. I was gaining weight and did not like the way my clothes were fitting. I was also becoming a “house hermit” because I never wanted to go out or do anything.

Had you tried any other solutions previously?

I had tried working out on my own, various exercise programs and diets, but I could never stick to any of them.

What led you to Healthtrax?

A friend told me about Silver Sneakers and told me to check to see if my insurance would cover it. I researched the program and found several places within my area that offered it, but I chose Healthtrax because it seemed to offer more especially the fact that the trainers at Healthtrax possess the knowledge regarding physical problems that may impact a person’s ability to exercise and can adapt regimens to help the client reach his/her goals without creating more problems.

What is your favorite thing about Healthtrax?

The people. The staff is very friendly and they don’t judge you. One of my concerns was that I would be made to feel inadequate because I was unable to complete some form of exercise or because I didn’t have a “model’s body”! That fear never materialized. The staff is very supportive, helpful and knowledgeable. Also, the Healthtrax facility is very convenient.

What is your favorite moment/experience during your time at Healthtrax?

I think it was when I was working with Sly and one of the other trainers commented that I looked like I had lost more weight and inches! And Sly agreed! It’s comments like this that keep me going.

What are some of the benefits you have received?

I have lost weight and inches. My confidence has been bolstered and even my family has said that I am walking taller and straighter that I ever have