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Mike Nula

{Member}East Greenwich, Rhode Island

Trax Transformations

My Story: Having played sports all my life, I have always been very good about at exercising regularly and keeping fit was a passion that I enjoyed. Overtime, I became bored and felt I wasn’t pushing myself hard enough in my workouts. As I began to get to know Huw, I was impressed by his approach to his clients training with his challenging workouts, whilst always focusing on their form. I wanted to see what he could do with me and my training. So, I set up an appointment with Huw and after our initial consultation outlining my goals, we got straight to work. Two years later he is continuously providing me new exercises and pushing me to do better for myself, my business, and my wife and kids.

My Success: I think it is important to keep challenging ourselves, to get better in all areas of our life. Without a healthy mind and body, it’s a limited life. Health and happiness is a choice, and I’m playing to win.

“I’m having fun with my fitness! I have more energy in life, I am stronger and more flexible than I was before.  I’m setting a good example for my family and my patients that I help as a Physical Therapist.”-Mike