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Paul Delfino

{Member} East Greenwich, RI

Trax Transformations


For over 27 years I have been overweight to obese and at times I was at 20 to 40 pounds overweight. I used the food to hide my shame and guilt and at my highest weight, I was in excess of 300 pounds with a size 48 waist. Over the years I have done a lot of diets, diet pills, meal plans and even joined a gym. I got quick results, but by the end it did not help at all. I want to say for the 27 years, I felt the shame and guilt hiding behind baggie clothes and food. This January 17 (2017) I had a break through and made the decision to wage war on my obesity and change my life forever.


My motivation, is to feel better about myself and stop the feeling of shame and guilt and to prove to myself at the age of 48, I can beat my obesity and get healthy. I would say for me each day is a fight and struggle, but being at Healthtrax has given me a second chance on this. The motivation and the inspiration I have felt from the trainers has given me the hope and confidence I need to win this war. 


I want to say my success can be attributed to the guidance I received from trainers, Lev, Danielle and Tiffany. These are the trainers who gave to me the confidence and the positive reinforcement to push forward and work hard. I show up and put in the work, but for me it is the support system I have with all the trainers and the people who work with me. I would like to say thank you! To my trainers and all the people at Healthtrax, you gave me the second chance.