Robert Keady

Trax Transformations

His story…

What were your initial goals? 

Lose weight, gain strength and improve overall fitness.

What have you accomplished so far?

At 67 I am as strong as I have ever been.  I’ve lost 40 pounds (with a few to go), my blood pressure has improved, my Cholesterol levels have improved, by cardiac fitness has improved, and I generally feel much more positive.

Why do you choose to work with a trainer?

I’ve worked with Jen Freeman for many years.  I needed that extra motivation and guidance.  Jen is very aware of both my capabilities and varies her workout to address specific goals, to address problem areas, and at all times to make sure that I am working out safely.

How has Healthtrax played a role in your transformation?

I have been coming to Healthtrax since, I believe, 1999.  Healthtrax has become part of my regular life and wellness program.