P.R.E.P for success with our

Physician Referred Exercise Program

Many years ago, we discovered that patients can make incredible progress towards their health and wellness goals when their health care provider partners with our medical fitness experts to prescribe exercise. Whether you have special medical needs or just need to jump start a healthy lifestyle – the Healthtrax Physician Referred Exercise Program is the perfect place to start. Ask your doctor for a referral or contact Healthtrax today.


PREP is a guided introduction to exercise that includes:

  • 60-day membership for $60

  • 2 training sessions per week in small groups with medical fitness experts

  • Nutrition education

  • Full fitness center access

  • Unlimited group fitness classes including aqua classes and mind-body classes

  • Use of Aquatics Center with lap pool and whirlpool

  • kidZONE – babysitting is free when enrolled in PREP program


The exercise and nutrition prescriptions I write for the Physician Referred Exercise Program at Healthtrax helps my patients build an overall health plan that involves exercise, dietary modification, and continued education. I like that it provides them with guided training two times per week and am confident they will be given the tools that they need to be successful.
— Dr. Michael J. Hayden
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When I prescribe medication, I am treating an illness. When I refer to PREP, I am addressing wellness. I emphasize to the patient; with an exercise referral you will overcome problems. What I tell my patients is that I’ve seen so much success, that I started doing it myself… so you will see me at Healthtrax!
— Dr. Martin J. Kerzer

To read the full interview with Dr. Martin J. Kerzer, click here.

Enrolling in the PREP program at Healthtrax is easy.

Take this PREP referral form to your physician for signature or contact us now and we will fax it to your physician for you.

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Take this PREP referral form to your physician for signature and bring it to Healthtrax. Want more information about PREP at Healthtrax?  Click Here or call (800) 505-5000

Are you a Physician and would like more information on our PREP program for your patients?

Contact For Bristol, CT:
Contact Linda Clemons
Healthtrax PREP Physician & Patient Liaison
(860) 338-5124

Contact For Raleigh, NC:
Contact Megan Skidmore
Healthtrax PREP Physician & Patient Liaison
(919) 847-2393

Contact For North Haven, CT:
Contact James Del Rio A.
Healthtrax PREP Physician & Patient Liaison
(203) 281-7900 ext 230


Contact For Newington, CT:
Contact Ryan Heller
Healthtrax PREP Physician & Patient Liaison
(401) 732-2413 ext.195

The Healthtrax P.R.E.P Program is a 60-Day Physician Referred Exercise Program that introduces patients to exercise in a non-intimidating and supportive environment. 


Contact For Warwick, RI
Contact Ryan Heller
Healthtrax PREP Physician & Patient Liaison
(401) 732-2413 ext.195

*Not all Healthtrax locations offer the PREP program.  
Please contact your local Healthtrax to find out about membership options.