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Eva Thompson WA.JPG

George {Member}
Warwick, Rhode Island

George was 69 years old, overweight and out of shape - a dysthymic, type 2 diabetic, cancer survivor with low energy and a significant lower back problem. Enter Trax Trainer, Eva, and that is when everything changed.

Mike web.jpg

Mike Nula {Member}
East Greenwich, Rhode Island

Mike believe that it is important to keep challenging oneself and to get better in all areas of our life. Without a healthy mind and body, it’s a limited life. He has found an outlet for his fitness growth in Healthtrax.


Jerry Bellizzi {Member}
Glastonbury, Rhode Island

After working out alone at home for years, Jerry stopped by Healthtrax on a whim and felt very welcomed and supported. That feeling has lasted a few years now, along with seeing better results from working with a Trax Trainer than he ever had going it alone.


AnneMarie {Member}
East Greenwich, Rhode Island

A lifelong figure skater, Annemarie recognized the need for supplemental workouts to maintain strength and stamina as she got older. She found that Healthtrax, and Trax Trainer Huw, increased her confidence as an athlete.

ScreenHunter 656.png

Jena D. {Member}
Bristol, Connecticut

I never thought I would post this first pic because when I saw it earlier this year I cried for days. I am posting it as motivation to never get back there, to get up when my alarm goes off and go to the gym and to remind myself that although I have a long way to go I have already made a lot of progress.

Jena trains with Healthtrax Trainer

Kim Connors, CPT

Rick Enos Healthtrax Testimonal.jpg

Richard Enos {Member}
Warwick, Rhode Island

My experiencve is that for the most major life changes there's a light switch moment. It's the moment when a light is turned on that highlights the need for change...change that is needed but often overlooked until that moment in time when you realize it's not only needed, but required.

laura lopo.png

Laura L.{Member}
Warwick, Rhode Island

Laura lost over 55lbs in 6 months after joining the Healthtrax P.R.E.P. program and working with Trax Trainer Austin. Laura says, “I would recommend the P.R.E.P. program, Healthtrax and all of the trainers to anyone who is also determined to make better life changes. If you see me at the gym feel free to say hi! Here’s to a healthy new me and a healthy new you!”


Karen D. {Member}
Glastonbury, CT

After weight reduction surgery, Karen knew she would need help to change her fitness lifestyle. Two years ago, Healthtrax and Trax Trainer Ray initiated her on her journey to a healthier life, a path that she's still on to this day!


Deborah G {Member}
Enfield, Connecticut

Deborah changed her life at 66 by joining Healthtrax and seeing results from combined Trax Training and Tribe Team Training. She's lost 29.8 lbs and gained 2 lbs of muscle. Read more in her Trax Transformation

paul delfino.jpg

Paul Delfino {Member}
East Greenwich, Rhode Island

Last year, Paul made the decision to wage war on his obesity. He found Trax Trainers at Healthtrax to be the support system he needed to give him the confidence and positive reinforcement to push forward and work hard.

Melissa EG.jpg

Melissa Giardino {Member}
East Greenwich, Rhode Island

The group fitness program at Healthtrax East Greenwich has changed my life. The very first time I set foot into the group exercise studio as a member I was welcomed with open arms.


Lynn Lowry {Member}
Raleigh, North Carolina

I joined Healthtrax about 10 months ago and my lifestyle has completely changed. I had joined weight watchers about four months earlier and while we were encouraged to have physical activity it took me months to join Healthtrax because I was self-conscious about being obese.


Frank W.{Member}
Glastonbury, Connecticut

Frank knew that he needed the advice and guidance of an experienced and knowledgeable trainer to be able to meet his goals. He was motivated, but with the help of a top notch trainer he met and exceeded his goals.

A. Kendig.png

Alianna Kendig {Member}
Warwick, Rhode Island

The gym was part of her routine, but Alianna was doing the same thing over and over and seeing no results. She decided she needed help.She found the support she was looking for and has completely changed the way she thinks about food, working out, and her health.


Gerri Y. {Member}
Raleigh, North Carolina

Gerri credits Healthtrax to keep her in the physical shape needed for her battle against heart disease. She is on the road to recovery and enjoys keeping up with her daily workout.


Louise LaPlant {Member}
Raleigh, North Carolina

Louise feels her job in retirement is to maintain her health. Exercise is a part of that goal, and Healthtrax is her community.

RA geetha.jpg

Geetha Blagopal {Member}
Raleigh, North Carolina 

I lost my beautiful and brilliant 24 year old daughter Priya to suicide in January 2016. She fought depression for almost 10 years. Her younger sister also suffers from anxiety and depression.

Betty Shedd {Member}
Hanover, Massachussets

I've been working with Luke McLean since September and so pleased with the results Luke and I have achieved in that time. I originally signed up for only 24 sessions but re-upped for an additional 24 as I am feeling felt stronger, more confident in myself and much healthier and I want this feeling to continue. I have to admit that prior to working with Luke I was not 'into' the gym and working out at all. I nice walk on the beach was my favorite type of workout.  


Chrissi B.{Member}
East Greenwich, Rhode Island

“I lost over 11 pounds in 5 months; my BMI went down 2 points. My body fat went from 33.8% to 27% as well as increasing my muscle mass. My waist is more defined, I feel stronger and have a lot more energy. My clothes fit much better and overall, I feel fantastic. I would highly recommend Healthtrax and the Personal Trainers to anyone who is looking for help.”


Robert K.{Member}
Glastonbury, Connecticut

Consistency in working with Trax Trainer Jen has helped Robert achieve fitness goals and keep them for the long-term.


Ana R. {Member}
Enfield, Connecticut

Ana saw significant results after 6 weeks of Tribe Team Training and Trax Training. Learn more in her trax transformation


Bob {Member}
East Greenwich, Rhode Island

After retiring from a demanding job that left little time for fitness, Bob found Healthtrax and Trax Training. Trainer Mike helped organize the sessions so Bob could build strength, but not be overwhelmed with the exercises.

Jim Shea EL.jpg

Jim Shea {Member}

My personal Coach Heather gave me this analogy regarding my physical body last December 2017; “Your brain has been guiding your body in the same broken path for years, so we need to teach it to walk a new path”. This was her Jedi way of expressing that my hips have been compensating for years from a lower back injury.


Penny Patuszak{Member}
Newington, Connecticut

The pic on the left is last year and the pic on the right was this month. Penny came to me Aug of 2017 wanting to be challenged.

Marilyn A. Folcik 0125181124a.jpg

Marilyn Folcik {Member}
Bristol, Connecticut

I came to Healthtrax almost one year ago because I retired and was getting too sedentary and gaining weight. I figured if I became involved in a program then I would be more apt to stick with it and it would get me out of the house. During my initial tour of the facility, I was impressed with the friendliness of the staff and the cleanliness of the facility.

Tess King.JPG

Tess King {Member}
Raleigh, NC

When I first started many exercises were difficult because of my knee but after 4 months I was back to competitive tennis. I had a setback due to a bone spur but once medically cleared to come back I started working with Sandra again and feel stronger than I have in years. I also worked with a nutritionist that has aided me in my weight loss along the way.

NH Carolyn Vand.jpg

Carolyn Vanacore {Member}
North Haven, Connecticut

Carolyn originally enrolled as a member at the North Haven location in 2009 – at the age of 79!  And what a special member she is!  She grew up in a time when women did not have as many opportunities to participate in athletic activities. 

AmyHawkins RA.JPG

Amy Hawkins {Member}
Raleigh, North Carolina

Healthtrax made me feel very comfortable as soon as I stepped thru the door. Everyone is very nice and respectful. I have made a lot of new friends throughout my 2-year weight loss journey at Healthtrax.

Jameshia Blue.jpg

Jameshia Blue {Member}
Raleigh, NC

February 2018, Jameshia took control of her weight by joining The Physicians Referred Exercise Program (P.R.E.P.) at Healthtrax in Raleigh.

Hilda Stevens Ra.jpg

Hilda Stevens {Member}
Raleigh, North Carolina

Healthtrax has helped me make a transition from my working life to my retirement life.  I was very busy running a successful insurance agency for 30 years, being a primary provider for my family, maintaining 4 properties, and raising my grandson. 


Tony Mazzarella{Member}
Hanover, Massachussets

I’ve been a member of Healthtrax in Hanover, MA for a few years and I signed up to train with Nikki Ferreira back in October of 2017.  The experience has been life changing and I felt compelled to provide this feedback.  I have always been somewhat active but I had no idea what to expect as I’ve never had private sessions.  I didn’t even know where to start but in our first meeting/interview Nikki made me extremely comfortable and took the time to understand what I was looking to accomplish. 

starcy ra.JPG

Stacey Modaress-Razavi {Member}
Raleigh, NC

I've always been overweight as a kid and I became medically obese in my 40s once I had my two wonderful kiddos. Dieting and Weight Watchers never worked for me, because as soon as I lost the weight, it would come right back with a few of it's friends. I tried a few gyms in the past, but unfortunately, it felt like everyone there was dressed like they were looking for a date. Sooooo, not me.


Steven Katz {Member}
Garden City, New York

I do not often post on Facebook, but I wanted to relay the great experience that I have had since joining Healthtrax in Garden City, NY in November, 2017. The equipment in the gym is well-varied and maintained in excellent condition. Both the gym and locker room are immaculately clean. The staff has been very courteous. In particular, I'd like to thank one of the trainers, Elliott, for his encouragement and advice on the gym floor.

Becca Baker {Member & Staff}
East Greenwich, Rhode Island

When I first started coming to the gym I was not only new to the area but I also had two small children who had begun attending a local pre-school and I decided to use my newly found time to the benefit of my health. I started putting around with a few weights and burying myself in the movie room (which I love), until finally I had gotten up the nerve to try a class.

Alisa Becker {Member} & Nico Ritirato {Staff}
Garden City, New York

I've been meaning to email you regarding Nico Ritirato for quite sometime. I joined Healthtrax in September, and after some consideration, decided to try Personal Training. Since Nico was the trainer with whom I had my initial consultation, I felt I should give him a try, as well. Fast forward 6 months. Nico has truly transformed me.

Amy D EN before.jpg
Amy D EN.jpg

Amy Danaher {Member}
Erin Maratta {Staff}
Enfield, Connecticut

Erin has changed my outlook on working out forever. In the past, I only did cardio exercise.  She has taught me specific weight training routines and body weight training, along with a more effective cardio routine.  The knowledge I have gained and the results from these routines have astonished me. The confidence, how I stand , the strength,how my body has changed.  Being fit and healthy feels Great! I have Erin to thank for all of this, best decision to do personal training with her!


Ellen Thum {Member}
Raleigh, NC

When I first started many exercises were difficult because of my knee but after 4 months I was back to competitive tennis. I had a setback due to a bone spur but once medically cleared to come back I started working with Sandra again and feel stronger than I have in years. I also worked with a nutritionist that has aided me in my weight loss along the way.

anthon before .jpg

Athan Hantzopoulos {Member}
Warwick, Rhode Island

I have always struggled with being overweight throughout my life. After my mother passed away in 2013 from cancer, I started eating “comfort food” to deal with the loss and I gained a lot of weight and my physical appearance drastically changed. I realized that I needed to start and lose weight after looking myself in the mirror one day and realizing how much I had let myself go. I didn’t like to take pictures of myself with friends and family because I was embarrassed about the way that I looked.


Diane Cewe NH before.jpg

Diane Cewe {Member}
North Haven, Connecticut

I initially was reluctant joining the gym because of how I looked.  I was very self conscious of my weight, how I looked and the shape I was in.  The medical practice I work for moved next door to Heakthtrax and several of the management staff came to our building and spoke to us about the benefits of joining the gym.  I was very impressed by them and thought I would give the gym a try.  When I first visited the gym, the staff was absolutely amazing. 

Silvestro Manente Jr. {Staff}
Bristol, Connecticut

Silvestro Manente Jr, or “Sly” as he is known, or even “Papa Bear” by some of his peers, did not come to Healthtrax by a conventional road.   For starter he is a retire military man serving 20 years with the U.S. Navy Seabees, there he has spent two tours in the middle east, and earned several Navy and Marine Corp Achievement medals, and a Presidential Unit Citation.   He retired in 2013 and attended Post university.  There he received a bachelor’s degree in management and legal studies.  After School Sly earned certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine for personal training, and Golf Fitness Specialist, and a level 1 certification from Training For Warriors.  Sly was also a lifelong martial artist, studying Kung Fu, Karate, and Brazilian Jiujitsu. Sly now is a power athlete competing in Highland Games around New England.


Laura Fredrickson {Member}
Newington, Connecticut

Today I had the pleasure of meeting one of our members Laura Fredrickson for a check in on her progress at Healthtrax Fitness & Wellness. She started her journey with Craig McCabe showing her the facility and making her feel comfortable. After signing up, she meet with Antonio L. Garcia for her Healthy Start Assessment and Inbody570 scan. Antonio L. Garcia went over realistic goals and explain how we can help as a center. I meet with Laura today to rerun the Inbody570 scan and check her progress. As I sat down and talk to Laura I was very impressed with her journey and progress. We patiently waited to see the results of the inbody570 and we both we so excited with the info!!! Laura dropped 54.4 pounds, and 45 pounds of fat. Laura dropped her body fat % by 12.5 %. Her visceral level fat dropped 11 points, from a 20 to a 9!!! Laura dropped 7 pounds of muscle which is to be expected when you dropped that much weight. She can definitely fine tune and get that back. I just wanted to show this process of how things can work when you work the process and have people who are routing for you. We here at Healthtrax Fitness & Wellness are very proud of Laura and wish her nothing but continue success!!! - Matt Wrobel, Newington

Claudia, EP testimonial.JPG
bill speri.JPG

Bill Speri {Member}
Raleigh, NC

I have been a long-time member of Healthtrax and I have been training with Sandra Holland for a year and a half. I had a stroke a couple of years ago and had been in rehabilitation. My goals while with a physical therapist was to strengthen my left side and improve my balance and gait.

tammie o ra.JPG

Tammy Overton{Member}
Raleigh, NC

I have lost 35 pounds and 3 sizes while gaining strength and energy. I attend Group Fitness Classes with Karen Blazeff, Becca Marino, Allison Dehner, Catherine Woodard and work with a personal trainer; Michael Peterson.

Lisa Shelanskas {Member}
Enfield, Connecticut

Let me start with, I had never been to a gym in my life, I hated gym class in school, and I am not athletic.  I just knew, to regain the strength I had lost due to getting older, combined with 2 foot surgeries and 2 knee surgeries in 5 years, I had to do something.  My golden carrot to actually step in a gym, was a planned trip of a life time, rafting the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon for 9 days in June 2017.  I equally knew this trip had side hikes up canyon walls, that I was not physically able to do, and I didn't want to miss. 

Nikki, EP Testimonial.JPG
Josh Mc, EP Testimonial.JPG

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