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Mike L.

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My Story:

I would like tell you about my story that started with enrolling in the PREP program at Healthtrax in Warwick, R.I in January 2018, but first let me give you a background on where I started. When I visited my doctor back in November 2018 my blood sugar had reached a score of 6.2 and my blood glucose had reached 115 putting me on the verge of pre-diabetes. My blood pressure had also been a concern my previous visits and was borderline risky as my doctor had recommended medication to lower it. I’m 5’8 and I had reached 213 lbs. I was tired, eating poorly and not exercising much. My mother has been a type 2 diabetic for 25 yrs and had suffered from high blood pressure as well as high cholesterol numbers. Between my family history and borderline pre-diabetes, I knew I had to make a change and not repeat history. My mother had also been battling colon cancer and the long fight continued for her as well. All these factors and the fact that my wife had also joined the PREP program to also start her journey to achieve a weight loss goal of 70 pounds motivated me. As a couple we weren’t always so overweight but after getting married the weight began to pile on. I knew I had to make a change and that’s when my wife’s physician recommended that she enroll in the 60 day prep program.

I joined the PREP program with my wife in January more as a moral support for my wife and to force myself to exam my eating habits and get exercising again. The first day of PREP I participated in an InBody composition analysis to see where I stood health wise. The analysis revealed I weighed 213 lbs, my body fat was at 31.7% and most importantly my visceral fat (belly fat surrounding organs) was at a high number of 13. The best thing about the analysis was that Brendan had walked me through every category and explained what it was, why it was important and what I needed to do to change those numbers. I then meet with Austin, a personal trainer at Healthtrax who provided me with two complimentary personal training sessions and the sessions were worth the value of prep program alone. Austin and I hit it off instantly and he showed new workouts that were highly effective. Austin talked to me about nutrition and why working out the way we were working out was so efficient and productive. My wife and I decided we needed to invest in our health and make a change. We signed on with Austin and he was worth every penny. IN my first month alone I lost nearly four percent body fat! And lost 5 lbs as well dropping my visceral fat from a 13 (risky) to an 11 which was closer to the number ten that we were first were aiming for. My wife was also experiencing amazing results as well. We began watching what were eating and starting to make healthy choices every day. Austin guided us with our workouts and helped us meal plan every week. Austin even went with us to the supermarket and educated us on healthy choices. The following month I lost another percent of body fat and another 2 more lbs. My visceral number dropped to a 10 putting me in a healthier zone. My clothes started to get looser, my belly shrunk and I added three pounds of muscle! Amazing results I still have a hard time believing.

In March I did blood work and visited my doctor for a follow up. In three months on the PREP PROGRAM my weight had dropped 13 LBS to 200 lbs. My blood sugar score went from 6.2 to 5.8 taking me out of pre diabetes, my blood glucose dropped from 115 to 95! My blood pressure was great according to my doctor 125/83 and the best thing was I never took the blood pressure medication or the metaformin for the blood sugar that my doctor prescribed. I told my doctor on our first visit to give me four months and I would do what it takes in the gym as well as dieting to get the results he wished to see. I told my doctor I wanted to do it with medication and to try it thru exercise and dieting. I wish the Healthcare industry was more about finding ways and educating their patients on how to be successful in improving their health. Healthtrax is certainly different than other gyms. There is a support system in place and resources within the gym that can help any individual succeed.  My doctor was surprised I did it all this is just three months. His exact comment was “I’m proud of you Mike.” I told him I had filled the prescriptions and put them next to my coffee maker so I could see the alternative if I didn’t change my lifestyle. He asked me about the PREP program and I told him how much the program and the people really made a difference in my success. I told him that the accountability I had with my trainer made me push harder and the measurability of the PREP program as well as the monthly in body analysis motivated me to get better numbers every time I did one. My wife’s results were even more amazing as she lost 50 pounds in six months and the best thing about it was seeing my wife so happy and smiling. I tried on my wedding suit and it fit better than the day I got married. My clothes fit better and my energy is much better now. My sleep improved and I began to handle everyday stress much better. I can’t thank the people of the PREP program enough and Austin has been an amazing trainer with his passion for health as he pushes you to be your best. My Mom’s cancer is in remission and hearing her say she is happy to see my results means so much to me. I hope my story can help others take the step to a healthier lifestyle.