Thanksgiving Holiday Health Tips

When you think of November, chances are you think of turkey, mashed potatoes, and canned cranberry sauce overload- basically, you think of Thanksgiving. Although this is an exciting time to share with your loved ones, it’s also easy to fall off track of your current fitness goals. That’s why Healthtrax is offering five Thanksgiving healthy living tips so you can practice mindful eating and fitness during the holidays.

1.    Create a Holiday Gym Schedule That Fits With Your Current Lifestyle

Balancing a personal life during the holidays may seem near impossible, but it is essential for you to still make time to focus on your health. In order for you to incorporate working out in your holiday schedule, you may need to alter your daily routine. For instance, Healthtrax offers numerous fitness classes to fit in with your strict schedule around the holidays. You may even find it helpful to use our facilities on Thanksgiving Day, as working out not only helps your body physically, but it can also help you mentally by lowering stress levels- which are bound to be high that day. Make sure to check out your gym’s holiday hours, to find a best time to come in.


2.    Start Thanksgiving Morning with a Balanced Breakfast

One mistake people make on Thanksgiving is skipping breakfast in hope to save up for the main course later in the day. This idea can lead to dropping energy levels and binge eating when it comes mealtime. If you are serious about staying healthy during the holidays, you should try to eat your breakfast, but one that has wholesome ingredients to jumpstart your day. Try a piece of avocado toast or a bowl of oatmeal with berries, eating a well-balanced breakfast on the big day will be just enough to hold you over and may even keep you motivated to eat healthy for the remainder of the day. For additional help contact a Trax Trainer, so you can develop a balanced food plan that works best for you.

3.    Fill Your Dish with Healthy Plate Proportions

Filling a Thanksgiving dish doesn’t have to be scary, if you are focused on eating healthy on Thanksgiving, just remember to stick to the same proportions you would have on any day. Spread vegetables so that it covers half of your plate off the bat, then split the remaining half with your protein and starches. This will keep your plate well-balanced, while allowing you to enjoy all Thanksgiving has to offer. Avoid going up for seconds, but if you feel you have to limit your proportions even more, so vegetables cover a higher percentage and protein and starches are reduced in size. If grandma is eager to see your reaction of her famous pumpkin pie, don’t feel like you have to say no. Trying it is fine, just make sure you’re the one cutting the piece, so you remain in control over the size. Contact a Trax Trainer if you want to learn more about healthy plate proportions, that way you know exactly how to fill up your plate around the holidays.

4.    Slow Down Eating Pace Throughout The Day

In order to truly obtain mindful eating during the holidays, it’s crucial to take a step back when eating and saver it. Take time to chew each bite of your Thanksgiving Meal, this will help you digest your food easier and deliver signals of fullness before you consume more than originally planned. This mindset will not only save you calories, but it will also allow you to appreciate the delicious food you are eating. For further help achieving health and wellness during the holidays, feel free to contact a Trax Trainer.

5. Stick to a Healthy Holiday Lifestyle Mindset Post-Thanksgiving

All of these holiday wellness tips will help you cut down on calories and achieve overall healthy eating on Thanksgiving. Although, you shouldn’t let this new process stop here. Just because the holiday ends, doesn’t mean eating clean and working out regularly should. Continue using these tips so you can carry a healthy lifestyle wherever you go. Contact your local Healthtrax and learn more about how we can help shape a wellness plan that fits your specific needs.