National Yoga Month

September is National Yoga month, a yearly observation started by Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) to educate about the health benefits of yoga and inspire a healthy lifestyle. There are many benefits to yoga, including those looking to reduce symptoms of osteoporosis, treat mental health issues, and promote the overall strength of the heart.

At Healthtrax, we know all of these areas are extremely important, which is why we offer a gym-membership that includes everything from beginner yoga classes to cardio-based yoga. Interested in learning more about the science behind yoga? Allow us to express specific areas where yoga can promote health for the mind and body.

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Fall Back In to a Fitness Routine

September is finally here! Back to school for all ages and start of pumpkin spice everything. This is a time when new routines are started, or pre-vacation habits begin again. While the weather can sometimes be nicer than in the actual summer months, getting back into a gym will help ease the eventual transition from being fully outside to fully inside, and help build momentum for you to battle the winter blues. To get you started, we have compiled a list of five tricks to help you get into a fall fitness groove. 

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Benefits of Water Exercise

It’s no secret that the pool isn’t just a place for kids to play. Exercising in water has long been known as a vigorous alternative when in injury recovery or simply when routines need a shakeup, and science has repeatedly validated its effectiveness. Here’s our round up of the top five reasons to jump in.

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Benefits of Group Fitness Classes

“One of the biggest thrills I get is watching people entering and exiting a group fitness class. Group Fitness has an incredible ability to transform people – not only physically, but mentally! We see people come in to class. Some are rushed because of their schedules, some are frustrated with traffic, some may be stressed due to issues at work or at home. They leave sweaty and happy! I see them laughing, giving each other high fives, smiling and their body language is the complete opposite than when they entered.”

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5 Simple Things You Can Do on a Plane to Avoid a Stiff Neck, Sore Back, and Dead Butt

While summer travel often means plenty of fun and excitement, being stuck in 22B for hours on end can also trigger a slew of aches and pains (from a tight neck to a dead butt). According to Leah Dugas, a Tier X coach at Equinox Beverly Hills, the muscular woes of air travel all tend to boil down to one thing: a lack of movement. But fortunately, there are a few simple stretches you can do at 36,000 feet to help ease and prevent discomfort, so you can enjoy every second of your vacay to the fullest.

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