Benefits of Group Fitness Classes

No matter where you are in your health and fitness journey, there are many benefits to be obtained from attending group fitness classes. If you get bored working out by yourself, adding group fitness can help add variety to your gym routine while giving you more structure and support.

Diverse group of laughing friends standing together at the gym

Plus, it’s a great way to meet new friends and have fun! 

Group Fitness Builds Community  

Working out can be a solitary activity, and really, progress should only be measured against yourself and your personal goals. However, attending group classes can lead to a sense of solidarity and community that you may not find out on the general floor. Social opportunities exist both in and out of class, especially when it becomes a part of your routine.


Group Exercise Adds Structure and Accountability

There are proven benefits to working out in a group. A recent study found that 95% of people who started exercising with friends stayed the duration of the study versus 76% of the people who went at it alone. 

With so many types of group fitness classes available, you could plan your entire week around classes, or just drop in to supplement your existing routine. It’s also a good place to start after having been away from exercise for any reason. Knowing that you need to be there when a class starts adds an element of accountability that the ever-available treadmill may not fulfill initially.

Group classes help you try new things with a trained professional

Make sure to seek out classes taught by certified instructors. Group leaders who have trained for that type of class and exercise can be a safe place to try movements that may be new to you. Another benefit of attended a teacher-led class is the ability to receive feedback on your form and technique. Even in a room full of mirrors, another set of eyes, especially ones who are committed to helping you achieve your best self, will only help to get you to your next level. 


Group Fitness Classes are Fun!

Most of all, group classes are fun! With over 60+ group classes to choose from weekly at Healthtrax, there is something for everyone. Peggy Gregor, the National Group Fitness Director at Healthtrax shares:


“One of the biggest thrills I get is watching people entering and exiting a group fitness class. Group Fitness has an incredible ability to transform people – not only physically, but mentally! We see people come in to class. Some are rushed because of their schedules, some are frustrated with traffic, some may be stressed due to issues at work or at home. They leave sweaty and happy! I see them laughing, giving each other high fives, smiling and their body language is the complete opposite than when they entered.”



What are you waiting for? Check out the types of group fitness classes near you  and talk to any of our staff members for more information about what would be right for you. Each basic membership package includes group fitness classes – which range from yoga, cycling, aqua classes, Zumba, strength training, step and more.

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