Fall Back In to a Fitness Routine


September is finally here! Back to school for all ages and start of pumpkin spice everything. This is a time when new routines are started, or pre-vacation habits begin again. While the weather can sometimes be nicer than in the actual summer months, getting back into a gym will help ease the eventual transition from being fully outside to fully inside, and help build momentum for you to battle the winter blues. To get you started, we have compiled a list of five tricks to help you get into a fall fitness groove. 


1: Get Re-started with a Personal Trainer

Sometimes getting started with a new fitness routine alone can be a challenge. Everyone has different goals, from weight management to healing injuries or simply getting in a good workout to increase your energy. To make sure you begin on the right foot, meet with a Trax Personal Trainerfor a free fitness tune up*. A Healthtrax Personal Trainer in NC, CT, MA or RI will provide a fitness assessment and evaluation and set up a plan to help you fall into a safe and effective fitness routine. 

*Offer valid for Members who are new training clients age 18 or older.



2. Ease In to a New Workout

Many people abandon a workout if it’s too challenging. That’s why it’s smart to take it easy when starting up a new fitness routine. Start with flexibility workouts like yoga or Pilates, and easy cardio, or go for a swim. Our Aqua Classes are great for low impact exercise, which is super helpful if you have joint conditions or if you are going through physical rehabilitation.  Find the exact offerings on our location pages



3.     Make Fitness Fun

Try a new group fitness class like Zumba, Yoga, Cycling or Aqua Fitness, or bring a friend to play some court sports like basketball or racquetball. You may not even notice that you’re getting a workout because you’re having too much fun!


4.    Build Strength

If you’re looking to lose weight and burn calories, you’ll want to add strength training into your new workout routine. Strength training helps reduce body weight, manage conditions like back pain, depressions, diabetes, arthritis and heart disease. So don’t just do cardio.  Get connected with a strength training regime under the guidance of a certified Trax Trainer or take a Group Power class to reach your full potential. 


5.     Bring the Kids to the Gym

Back to school can also mean back to work. Busy parents can still find time to squeeze in a workout by bringing your children to the gym with you. You’ll set a good example and can ensure that you stick to your new fitness routine by not having to stress about childcare. At Healthtrax, you can let the young ones play in the kidZONE, while school age kids can set up in the homework area, and Tweens can sign up for Junior Strength Training with a certified Trax Trainer. 


Recently, there have been studies that show the effectiveness of approaching exercise cycles with a 90-day goal in mind. If you start now in September, you will be ready to slow down for the holidays at the end of the year, then able to get back to it January 1. Think of it as the way to ensure your New Year’s resolution sticks. 

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