Starting a fitness routine and sticking with it

Jump-starting a fitness routine can be hard and sticking with exercise on a regular basis can be even harder! So how do you consistently keep up with a workout routine? Explore these four tips from Healthtrax that will keep you motivated.

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 Set Fitness Goals - Big Ones and Small Ones

 Maybe you start working out because you want to run a marathon someday. To achieve this accomplishment there are several small goals to achieve before attempting to concur this larger one. A mile today, 5 miles in a few weeks. Having goals is proven to help keep you going but can also be overwhelming at first. Break it up and see your progression along the way.

 This idea also applies to weight loss goals. Maybe you have a number on the scale you want to achieve. Instead of tracking that number daily, try turning it into weekly or monthly fitness goals that you can achieve regardless of anything else. The Trax Trainers at Healthtrax are specially trained to break up big goals into smaller achievements and keep you on track for whatever you hope to accomplish in a realistic time-frame.

 Workout with a Friend

We wrote a whole blog post about the benefits of working out with friends, but it’s worth mentioning again. It is proven to be more effective to keep your workout routine consistent when you are part of a community fitness programs.

Looking for a workout partner? Start with group fitness classes at Healthtrax. Members benefit from the group environment and you may even meet your new workout partner or small training group. You may find that the trainer-led groups are enough to get you on a schedule, especially because you don’t have to worry about inclement weather any time of the year.

Change Up your Working Routine

Part of setting smaller goals is to keep your workouts fresh and interesting. Motivation to workout can also come from changing up your specific fitness activities. Focusing on only one kind of workout for a long period of time can actually overwork certain muscle groups and under-work others. Fortunately, at Healthtrax, there are many options from weight training to cardio that can keep your workout ever-changing. Even the MOSSA classes offered in most Healthtrax group fitness studios change every 90 days, setting you up for long-term success.

 Just Begin

Sometimes the hardest step is the first one. Not sure what to do first after joining? Ask for your free Healthy Start program available at all Healthtrax locations. A certified trainer will meet with you and listen to your goals and objectives, as well as factor in things like age and medical history. During this first appointment, you will have the opportunity to establish a baseline using the InBody 570, the most advanced body composition analyzer. The trainer will then, suggest some exercises and programs to get you going. The InBody 570 is a tool that you can revisit as you progress on your fitness journey and capture real-time snapshots of progress you have made.

Regular fitness is known to be the best way you can take care of yourself, but starting, and sometimes re-starting, can be overwhelming. We understand. We believe in fit families for life and are here to help, whatever stage of your health and wellness journey you may be on. Reach out and contact at any Healthtrax location for more information or for membership information.