Men’s Fitness Tips for Every Age

Working out has many factors that weigh in when you are deciding what exercises are can be best for you as a man. First, what level are you – beginner, intermediate, or advanced? How does your injury history (if any) affect types of exercises and modifications? And finally, how old are you? A beginner 20-year-old will have a different journey than an intermediate 40-year-old, meaning they will have different fitness goals and reach those goals in unique ways. Just as relevant, a beginner 50-year-old can still run a marathon, it will just take a longer training period with more time and expectations for rest and recovery.

June is Men’s Health Month, and we at Healthtrax want to share a few fitness tips that can be incorporated into your workouts and meet you at your stage in life and in fitness.

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 Workouts for Men

 It’s been proven that doing the same thing over and over for a long period of time will actually have a negative impact on your body. Changing things up and challenging yourself to try new things will encourage you to push different muscle groups and expand your daily or weekly workout routines.

 Jeff Bercovici states it best: “There's nothing like trying something new and sucking at it, and then sucking a little less every day. Science hasn't yet made it possible for us to get younger.”

 Cardio vs. Weight Training

 That being said, there should be no either or in your workout. Men gravitate towards weight training, and there are a lot of benefits to working out with weights.

 Kyle Radune, Fitness Director of the Glastonbury Healthtrax, shares: “The older we get, the more rapidly our muscle begins to break down and the need for weight training becomes even more important. Without proper weight training, you will also break down muscle mass.  When muscle loss occurs, everyday tasks become more challenging. We can no longer do yard work or play with our kids. Seeking out assistance from one of our Trax Trainers is a great way to introduce weight training to your routine.”

 That doesn’t mean cut out the cardio entirely though. Cardio, short for Cardiovascular exercise, is anything that gets your heart pumping in a moderate-to-vigorous intensity level for 10 minutes or more.

 “The best workout routine is one that has a proper balance of cardio and weight training.  Since men tend to shy away from doing cardio, I recommend trying a Group Power class. Group Power is 60 minutes of weight training that will greatly challenge your cardiovascular system at the same time!” Kyle Radune summarizes.   

 Get Motivated at Every Age

 Perhaps more important than WHAT to do when working out, is to be really clear on WHY you are working out. Motivation is the key driver of consistent and effective workouts at every age. If you are younger and have the extra time, try new things regularly. If you are older and trying to fit in a fitness regime amidst a job and family, try a more structured approach with a plan on when to switch it up. As you move into retirement, take into account that your body will slow down. But slowing down doesn’t mean stop. Being active, with healthy expectations, will keep cognitive and body functions sharper for longer.

 This graphic from James Fell explains well what you can expect depending on your age:


No matter your age, being a healthy man is important today and every day. Your family and friends will thank you, and you will be able to enjoy the little moments with more energy. Be sure to visit any of our Healthtrax locations with any questions. Our group classes can help you get in some cardio when strapped for time and our Trax Trainers can help you with weight training as well as overall fitness planning.