National Yoga Month

September is National Yoga month, a yearly observation started by Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) to educate about the health benefits of yoga and inspire a healthy lifestyle. There are many benefits to yoga, including those looking to reduce symptoms of osteoporosis, treat mental health issues, and promote the overall strength of the heart.

At Healthtrax, we know all of these areas are extremely important, which is why we offer a gym-membership that includes everything from beginner yoga classes to cardio-based yoga. Interested in learning more about the science behind yoga? Allow us to express specific areas where yoga can promote health for the mind and body.

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Yoga for Osteoporosis

A dozen yoga poses, performed daily, has proven to increase bone density. To see for yourself, a scientific paper titled “This 12-Minute Yoga Sequence Is Backed by Science to Strengthen Your Bones” reviews this theory in detail. When 227 participants practiced yoga routines at least every other day for two years, they showed significant increases in bone density along their spine.

Neutral spine poses, along with gentle back-bends and twists can help loosen up the spine and encourage bone density growth. Our Trax Trainers are specially trained to cater to your personal health needs and ensure you are working the proper poses to improve your health, while making sure to not trigger any additional pain.

Yoga for Mental Health

Mental health encompasses many different areas from anxiety to PTSD. Many people who suffer with mental health disorders seek natural approaches to healing, one of which involves yoga. Dorena Rhode, a psychologist at UC Davis articulates her personal struggle with mental health in a recent newsweek article and how practicing yoga daily has kept her mental health in balance for the past decade.

Through a study by Chris Streeter, it was revealed that one hour of yoga, in particular the asana practice, correlates with a significant increase in GABA, which is a chemical that acts as your brain’s chief inhibitory neurotransmitter. To further encourage yourself to stick to this recommended hour of practice, a trainer-led group can be the push you need.

Yoga for Heart Health

Yoga is a great tool because it allows your body to relax and lower your heart-rate. Focusing on slow-paced yoga classes twice a week is proven to reduce the frequency of atrial fibrillation episodes among those who suffer from AFib. Fortunately, at Healthtrax, there are many yoga classes that you can take to promote heart health.

A popular program of ours that encompasses the practices of yoga is our Mind Body program. These classes guide all levels of students through a flowing asana practice, with the attention on breathing and alignment to promote a healthier lifestyle. Choosing to do yoga with us over a studio not only provides you with our highly trained professionals, but also gives you access to our full-service gym. Contact your local Healthtrax and learn more about the yoga classes that will help with your specific needs.