Healthtrax Celebrates 40 Years

In 2019, Healthtrax turned 40! In lieu of our anniversary, we asked our very own CEO Steve Capezzone, to reflect on 40 years of Healthtrax.

What has been the most considerable change in Healthtrax from 1979 to now?

In the early years of Healthtrax, sports like racquetball and tennis were extremely popular, we would run dozens of leagues each week. These brought a vibrant social component to the clubs, and our cafes would be full until midnight with themed parties throughout the month. As our model evolved into a wellness organization, and the racquetball craze died out, our focus shifted to exercise programs which ended up replacing many of the courts and lounges. Although the model today is much more health-conscious, we did have some fun back in those days.

What has been the most considerable change in the fitness industry from 1979 to now?

During the beginning of our opening years, there was very little competition. We had members who would drive 20 miles two or three times a week to use the facility, and we were able to be all things to all people. Today, there is so much supply in the marketplace that for us to be successful, we must specialize in a few niche areas and do them exceptionally well. That’s why we decided to focus on personalized classes, which include various yoga, Pilates, and Tai Chi classes. Our members know that Healthtrax offers a class to meet every one of their needs, which has helped us stand out among competition. We are also a leader in hiring and providing long term careers to certified and credentialed  Personal Trainers. TRAX trainers ensure safe and effective workouts designed for each individual to reach realistic, achievable goals.

Do you have any member stories that stick out to you from years past?

We give out a "Healthtrax Heroes" award each year. We love to hear the heartwarming stories about the great staff that we have and the many stories of how they’ve impacted our members' lives. When we can help someone achieve a better quality of life, we know we are impacting the world for the better. Any club can have new, shiny equipment, but its people that make the difference. Our staff is our most valuable asset.

Where do you see the direction of Healthtrax going in the future?

In our first iteration into wellness, we partnered with hospitals who brought the medical piece, and we provided the fitness piece. Healthtrax plans to aid hospital patients by offering services like physical therapy, diabetes prevention, and medical nutrition. I also believe we will begin appealing more to the younger generation. We offer many activities for kids that can make exercising fun. At the end of the day, the key is to have a support structure that believes in exercise, which allows kids to naturally want to participate.

What advice do you have for fitness enthusiasts after observing the past 40 years of Healthtrax’s growth?

It's a great industry with lots of opportunities to make a career out of it, while having some fun at the same time. At Healthtrax, our peers aren’t "counting the days" to retire, they are making moves to improve the lives of others. That’s what sets the fitness industry apart as a whole.

We thank Steve for sitting down and reflecting on the past 40 years together. He believes that “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life”, which has helped push Healthtrax to where it is today.

To recognize all we have become, we are providing free demos and events during open houses in our centers the week of October 20th-27th. Contact your local Healthtrax and learn more about the celebration as well as the services we provide our members every day.