4 Indoor Workouts for Winter – Move Inside!

Move your workouts indoors.

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As winter approaches, the days get shorter and outside gets colder. Depending on where in the country you are, you may even get snow and icy conditions, making exercising outside more difficult. It can be a great time to come inside – not to the couch! But instead to try some fun indoor workouts to help you stay in shape until the sun comes back out again.

Indoor Pools – We’ve talked about the benefits of water exercise before, and fortunately winter doesn’t mean you have to stop swimming. What is better than a warm pool on a cold day? Find a location with an indoor pool and enjoy those gains year-round.

Racquetball – A game that can be played with 2, 3, or 4 people, Racquetball is a racket sport without the net. According to the Harvard health blog, racket sports are beneficial for a few reasons. One, they offer lateral movement, which can be hard to find in other sport activities. Also, it is a constant brain challenge, always preparing for and executing your next shot. Racquetball is a great social activity and a perfect inside activity during the winter months.

Basketball – Whether you enjoy just shooting hoops alone, in small groups or a more formal basketball game, there are many benefits to spending some time on the basketball court. First, it is very social. Even if you start out by yourself, chances are you could pick up a friend or two just by being out there. It is a great indoor cardio workout. It keeps you moving, increasing your heart rate and helps in building endurance. Finally, it requires spatial awareness, knowing where your body is in relation to everything around you, which helps build better coordination and motor skills. And you get a direct reward when everything is working right - you sink that ball in the net! Check out locations where you can get right on the basketball court.

Group Fitness Classes – We love group fitness classes. They are known to have many benefits, and we believe they are essential to any workout, any time of year. But there is something extra about sweating it out with indoor aerobic exercises and not having to go outside and sweat even more. The warmth of group fitness classes, along with the camaraderie of other people, especially when it gets dark at 4pm, can keep moods up and feet moving.

At Healthtrax, our locations have a mix of these amenities and more. Winter doesn’t have to be a time of longing for the sun, come inside and get ready to look your best in the longer summer days. And to the ski/snowboard enthusiasts, we see you too! Try one of these activities during the week and be prepared for your snow-bound weekends. Whatever your needs are, we are here to help. Try a free guest pass to see for yourself.