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We at Healthtrax know that knowledge is power. Our goal is for you to be the manager of your good health throughout your life.

We have found these free resources to be valuable tools for others like you who are taking control of their well-being. Check them out, explore a little, and feel free to bookmark those you find most helpful and informative.

Exercise Videos

Visit these links to exercise videos available from the American Council on Exercise

Push-up with Single-leg Raise
Dumbbell Triceps Kickback
Dumbbell Front Squat
Standing Calf Raises - Wall
Stability Ball Dumbell Press

General Exercise

What is Wellness?
The Key to Success
Warm up to Work Out
Three Things Every Exercise Program Should Have
Don't Deprive Yourself the Rewards of Exercise
Get Psyched to Take the Next Step
Exercise Can Help Control Stress
Cross Training for Fun and Fitness
Using Your Emotional Intelligence to Exercise Smarter
Re-entry Problems
Change is in the Air
Music and Exercise
Personal Training with Radio Host Day 8
Personal Training with Radio Host Day 11

Group Exercise

Get into the Swim of Things
Is Yoga for You?
Group Fitness Teaser Videos


Healthy Hydration
Eat Well to Stay Motivated and Energized
Weight Loss and Nutrition

Medical Challenges

Exercising with a Health Challenge

Sports Training

Training to Run Your First 5K